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Coming Up This Week on Conscious Living with Wendy Garrett: 10pm ET/7pm PT Nightly on Empower Radio.

Wendy shares her love of spiritual and metaphysical topics and fascinating guests with her show Conscious Living. Some guests you may recognize, some you may not, all happily riding the fringe: Creative and Inspired Living (with Spirit).

April 6 (MONDAY)Start Breathing - Astonishing results can happen when you are ready to heal yourself and the tools are right inside you. Mary Theresa Duggan shares complete healings, examples and Meditations accomplished by using the power of the Breath.

April 7 (TUESDAY): Journey Into Prayer - Bill Sweet discusses the ability to engage empowered prayer; the ability to manifest intended results and, in some way, you are already doing it.  In 1969 near Chicago, Bruce and John Klingbeil began to explore "the positive, biased, and negative effects of prayer." They founded Spindrift Inc. to support research and education in the fields that studied consciousness, prayer, spirituality, and the placebo effect. The Klingbeils presumed that the purpose behind quality prayer is to nudge disorder toward order.

April 8 (WEDNESDAY): NEW EPISODE - A Miracle with QiGong - Kac Young

April 9 (THURSDAY): Psychic Sasquatch - A common theme between ET, UFO, The Little People and Bigfoot/Sasquatch messages? The call for Humans to expand their spiritual awareness and to connect a few important dots in regard to our consciousness.

April 10 (FRIDAY): Soul Speak: What Is Your Body Telling YouJulia Cannon, Author of Soul Speak (Daughter of Dolores Cannon), works with energy to interpret the issues presented in body language and how each and every physical health message has a purpose calling us to pay attention. Results are life enhancing. Julia is continuing the work her mom started, Including the annual Ozark Mountain UFO Conference in Arkansas.

April 11 (SATURDAY): Art, Metaphysics and the Atlanteans - Completely by surprise, Paula Bates had a past life regression experience with Dr. Brian Weiss that triggered memories of her life as a Priestess in Atlantis. Those memories helped her write The Atlantean Legacy.


Communicator, intuitive, artist, mystic, and host of "Conscious Living" on Empower Radio.

My world was transformed in 1997 when I awakened to an entirely new awareness of reality through a metaphysical shift. The spirit energy that collaborated with me to reveal new dimensions of being and spirit worlds with which we cohabit and co-create our reality is still with me. And that is what I bring to the table now - in each and every life experience: multidimensional awareness and metaphysical presence.

As a radio broadcaster, my experience runs the spectrum of formats including news, talk, and music. Reporter, jock, news anchor, talk host and co-host, announcer, voice talent, I back-burnered and downplayed my metaphysical life while I learned the trade, acquired new information and new skills, gained entry into the world of interviewing and met some amazing people.

Radio back-burnered when I detoured from news to finally allow my paranormal world to have center stage. Totally immersed through a dramatic series of events that triggered an entire redirect of my life, I wrote about the initial encounter in Talking to Nightlights. Truly, a new beginning, the rewards upgraded as I have continued my lessons and learning on that journey.

Writing shifted to blogging and a renewed interest in interviewing with a dedicated focus on metaphysical and spiritual topics that included spiritual awakening and shamanism, because that is my reality, and there were no radio broadcasters who talked or lived this lifestyle. I hear, see, feel, sense, smell energy beings, ghosts, angels and spirit guides and I learn more with each encounter. As a conscious co-creator, I go where I am called. One can ask better questions when they walk the talk. (To that end, I work with a paranormal group who investigates hauntings.)

We are the creators here. We are the change we seek and we are in the company of others in spirit form who add the element of wonder to the playing field. That is where magic lives. Join me for Conscious Living on Empower Radio. I feature others who may or may not add a metaphysical element but are bringing light, joy, wonder and awareness to the world in whatever creative endeavor they have chosen to pursue.

Open your mind to some extraordinary views.  Blessings and Light wherever your path calls you!