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Tuesday, March 19th, 2019 - My Search for Christopher with Joe McQulillen

Is there a way to speak to those on “the other side?” Losing his son Christopher in a tragic boating accident led Joe McQulillen on a journey through the worlds of mediums and psychics as he searched for and founded messages from his son. Bring your hankies for this one folks!

Joe_McQuillen_792469986.jpgListen Live Tuesday at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific

Joe McQuillen is a board member at In Balance Ranch Academy, a boarding school dedicated to helping teens battle addiction. As a member of AA who celebrates 33 years of sobriety, and as father who has experinced the traumatic loss of a child; Joe McQuillen is especailly equipped to aid young men and women in their fight against addiction and act as a guiding hand in helping them cope with the loss and pain that so often sends them down the road to substance abuse problems. In the after math of losing Christopher in a canoeing accident, Joe began running a Charity Golf outing to benefit a theatre troop of young adults with disabilities called The Penguin Players as well as In Balance Ranch Academy. Joe's journey has led him to speak to teens with addiction, and write the book "My Search for Christopher on the Other Side".