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Monday April 13, 2020 - Envision Your Final Days with Andrea Matros

Jane and Andrea met through being on the steering committee for the Beautiful Dying Expo in San Diego. Their conversation surrounds all of the various areas that Andrea has been called to throughout her life. From a Death Doula and Certified Death Midwife to the education on Death Care Directives. She will even explain how you can find, attend or even host your own Death Cafe. It’s a beautiful show based in the spiritual realm as you’ll hear Andrea explain we are spiritual beings having a human experience on The Next Room.

Listen Live Monday at 3:00pm EST/12:00pm PST

andrea_matros_408885923.jpgAndrea Matros is a licensed spiritual practitioner, an intuitive end-of-life guide and death doula. She has been engaged as an educator, student and teacher in the practice of yoga, meditation and metaphysics for over 40 years. As a spiritual practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living, affirmative prayer is an art and a passion for her. Andrea experiences the divine in personal and unique ways, she draws on this when she is praying for others, sitting as a transition guide or called as a public speaker.

Guided by the divine, she believes we are “spiritual beings living a human experience.” In this light she assists people to write their Advance Healthcare and Deathcare Directives from a place of love. She also leads Death Cafes.

For questions, inquiries and speaking engagements, reach out to Andrea through email at: