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Monday May 17, 2021 - Morbid Curiosity with Kimberley Mead and Jane

Jane was playing around on Twitter when she found a Twitter account for Morbid Curiosity: A Game About Death. Immediately intrigued, she sent a DM to them to inquire about having them on the show. Kimberley Mead accepted. She and her husband James Young developed the game to help people engage in conversation around death and dying. Kimberley is a Professional Counselor specializing in grief and trauma. She and James created the game out of necessity to get this important topic out of the dark hall of death and into the light of conversation. Join Jane and Kimberley as they dive deep into the deck of Morbid Curiosity, this week, on The Next Room!

Listen Live Monday at 3:00pm EST/12:00pm PST

KimberleyandJames_769141348.jpegThis strange and curious project is the brainchild of Kimberley Mead and James Young. Kimberley is a licensed professional counselor in Austin, Texas, and specializes in grief and trauma. She has a masters in Counseling and an undergraduate degree in Photography and Design. Morbid Curiosity was created as a way to have a lively conversation around death and dying. Though the idea began when she was working with families at a grief center as a way to help adults have difficult conversations, it quickly became obvious that the topic of death was rich with stories to tell and fascinating facts to explore. You can connect with Kimberley through social media on Twitter and Facebook.