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Conscious Living with Wendy Garrett


Conscious Living with Wendy Garrett

Monday-Saturday 10pm ET/7pm PT
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Wendy Garrett is a communicator, intuitive, artist, and mystic.  Her world was transformed in 1997 when she awakened to an entirely new awareness of reality through a metaphysical shift. 

Now, Wendy shares her love of spiritual and metaphysical topics and fascinating guests with her show Conscious Living on Empower Radio.  Some guests you may recognize, some you may not, all happily riding the fringe:  Creative and Inspired Living (with Spirit).

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Sacred Signs and Symbols with Sherrie Dillard
Posted in: Conscious Living on January 10, 2018

Each and every moment the Universe is offering a read about the reality you are creating, feedback in the form of symbols and signs. Learn to interpret the messages and the meanings. Sherrie Dillard has an unique divination system in her book,

Transitions and The Missing Element with Debra Silverman and Wendy Garrett
Posted in: Conscious Living on January 3, 2018

Honoring the gift in a turbulent present. Debra Silverman looks ahead in 2018 - And Wendy finds new inspiration - saying goodbye and hello. Time to acclimate to a new nightlight.

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When Debra Silverman was just 20 years old,…

UFOs - the Truth Has Landed
Posted in: Conscious Living on December 18, 2017

Disclosure is when the New York Times runs a story on the Pentagon UFO Program and it goes viral within 24 hours on mainstream news media. 2018 is showing promise already. Connecting the dots. UFOs, ETs and us. The truth has landed.

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Sacred Vision Oracle Cards with Lynn Andrews and Robert Taylor
Posted in: Conscious Living on December 13, 2017

One of the easiest ways to get in touch with higher guidance is to use an oracle deck. Lynn Andrews and Robert Taylor have created a beautiful deck designed to help quicken the immersion into the flow of knowing and to the upgrade in our conscious…

UFO Sightings and Experiences
Posted in: Conscious Living on December 6, 2017

This is me, Wendy, running amuk, I don't have a guest because there is so much to talk about and this is a chance for me to sum up a few recent events - with a UFO perspective. Just having fun. It's an amazing world. Thank you for being curious!

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