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Conscious Living with Wendy Garrett


Conscious Living with Wendy Garrett

Monday-Saturday 10pm ET/7pm PT
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Wendy Garrett is a communicator, intuitive, artist, and mystic.  Her world was transformed in 1997 when she awakened to an entirely new awareness of reality through a metaphysical shift. 

Now, Wendy shares her love of spiritual and metaphysical topics and fascinating guests with her show Conscious Living on Empower Radio.  Some guests you may recognize, some you may not, all happily riding the fringe:  Creative and Inspired Living (with Spirit).

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High Spiritual Frequencies and Pure Intentions with Ellen McDonough
Posted in: Conscious Living on June 20, 2018

Ellen McDonough is an artist and creator of PureLight App. Introducing a new technology called "frequency-infused audios" (also called "energy transmissions"), in which audios are encoded with high spiritual frequencies and pure intentions to shift…

A Guide to Energetic Healing with John Nelson
Posted in: Conscious Living on June 6, 2018

John Nelson has been a yogi and a meditator for fifty years. He had an interesting intro to yoga when he was 17. A book fell on is head. With experiential insight, John offers sound advice and instruction on the importance of a practice to help…

Merging Science and Spirituality with Karen Newell
Posted in: Conscious Living on May 23, 2018

Living in a Mindful Universe - Dr. Eben Alexander's collaboration with brainwave entrainment innovator, Karen Newell, seeks to merge Science and Spirituality. Listen to Wendy and Karen discuss sacred acoustics and her work with brainwave…

Board Camp Crystal Mine
Posted in: Conscious Living on May 9, 2018

Paranormal events at Board Camp Crystal Mine in Mena, Arkansas caught the attention of the Travel Channel's Expedition Unknown. Since that time several investigators have visited in search of answers. Owners Cheryl and Orville Murphy wrote a book to…

Personal Paranormal and Mind-Shifting Encounters
Posted in: Conscious Living on March 28, 2018

Blogging and writing is taking up more of Wendy's time. In a good way. She bookmarks unusual, unique, unexplained and tosses in science and sci-fi. Personal paranormal and mind-shifting encounters help her appreciate stories like those shared by…

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