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Conscious Living with Wendy Garrett


Conscious Living with Wendy Garrett

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Wendy Garrett is an intuitive, blogger, artist, channel. STE - Spiritually Transformative Experience in 1997 changed everything; priorities, lifestyle, relationships. The metaphysical shift triggered expanded awareness and a 24/7 paranormal enigma: interactive nightlights.

Host of Conscious Living on Empower Radio. Paranormal, Consciousness, PSI, UFO, OBE, Afterlife, Extraordinary, Unexplained...

Guest interviews and the occasional solo highlight non-ordinary events that challenge the materialist view. Each and every day - in some of the most mundane environments - anomalies occur that suggest ‘reality' exists outside and beyond limits.

Conversation is unrehearsed. Uncut. No phones, no gimmicks. Reality includes Ghosts, Fairies, Bigfoot, ET/UFOs and Spirit Guides. "Normal" has been misidentified.

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When You Realize How Perfect Everything Is with Bernie and Charlie Siegel
Posted in: Conscious Living on May 13, 2020

A Bernie Siegel and Charlie Siegel - Grandfather and Grandson collaboration: "When You Realize How Perfect Everything Is" is a book of poems and insight. Celebrating the everyday wonderful that comes from knowing now is the moment that counts. And…

New Thought for a New Age with Royce Christyn
Posted in: Conscious Living on April 29, 2020

Scripting the Life You Want offers a recipe for manifesting intentional results. Royce Christyn started his acting career at age 4. Credits include the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. Actor, Speaker, Writer, Documentary film director, Royce…

The Natural and Supernatural Walk Hand in Hand with Cathryn McIntyre
Posted in: Conscious Living on April 15, 2020

Ghosts, ETs, Fairies, Sasquatch ... Some people see the stuff that is happening alongside the physical plane and that's where things get interesting. Cathryn McIntyre is one who sees. She includes that perspective in her book on Thoreau.


QiGong and the Bonus Medical Miracle with Kac Young
Posted in: Conscious Living on April 8, 2020

She had a clue when her Doctor expressed surprise at what he was seeing. The second clue was when more Doctors started filling the surgery room.

With Coronavirus, Covid-19, the need to have a resilient and fully functioning immune system is front…

Incident at Devils Den, Alien Abduction and Alien Implant with Terry Lovelace
Posted in: Conscious Living on April 1, 2020

UFO encounters are unique. Some are terrifying. Experiencers are happy to forget and let the memory die. Terry didn't intend to go public with his until a discovery in 2012 changed his mind.

In regard to his UFO experience in 1977, he tucked that…

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