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The Next Room with Jane Asher


The Next Room with Jane Asher

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Jane Asher takes you on a soulful journey to explore and embrace the bigger picture surrounding life on earth...and what follows. She speaks with authors, friends, transition specialists and other experts about death, dying, grieving, beliefs and cultural traditions surrounding this journey we all must ultimately take. So, what is next, after life on this plane? Jane is curious, and will connect with others that wish to dive deeper into our beliefs about the next chapter. Is there life after death? Can we communicate with our loved ones, once they pass? Is the way we view death as a society outmoded, given what we have learned about transition? What are some of the signs and messages we receive, from those that have moved on? What are some of the special ways we may honor our loved ones, once they've exited to the next room? These topics and more, on the Next Room...

Listen every Monday at 3pm Eastern/12N Pacific on Empower Radio.


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Infinite Beings with Pam Oslie
Posted in: The Next Room on April 19, 2021

Jane has her dear friend Pam Oslie back on The Next Room to discuss adventure on this planet and beyond in other dimensions. Pam has the deep desire to expand even more to become more awake and aware as she creates more, fun, freedom and joy.…

Ending Well with Althea Halchuck
Posted in: The Next Room on April 12, 2021

Jane was introduced to Althea Halchuck through a mutual friend at FEN . Althea owns her own business called Ending Well Patient Advocacy and is also the Surrogate Consultant for the Final Exit Network. The two discuss many interesting topics…

Sweet-Ass Affirmations with Heath Armstrong
Posted in: The Next Room on April 5, 2021

It is a spirited conversation with Jane and Heath Armstrong this week on The Next Room. Heath is an inspired rule breaker for all mankind. Heath tells Jane about his journey in discovering his freedom to live life on his terms. He created the

Drawing Out Feelings with Marge Heegaard
Posted in: The Next Room on March 29, 2021

Another remarkable connection and introduction was made through Michele Little of the Beautiful Dying Expo. Michele introduced Jane to Marge Heegaard. Marge has been a beacon of hope and education surrounding grief over the past thirty years.…

Live and Let Go with Jay Niver
Posted in: The Next Room on March 22, 2021

Jane welcomes Jay Niver on the show this week. The two discussed Jay’s unbelievable connection with his dad and the award winning documentary that he wrote about his father’s right to die, Live and Let Go – An American Death. Jay’s perspective…

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