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The Next Room with Jane Asher


The Next Room with Jane Asher

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Jane Asher takes you on a soulful journey to explore and embrace the bigger picture surrounding life on earth...and what follows. She speaks with authors, friends, transition specialists and other experts about death, dying, grieving, beliefs and cultural traditions surrounding this journey we all must ultimately take. So, what is next, after life on this plane? Jane is curious, and will connect with others that wish to dive deeper into our beliefs about the next chapter. Is there life after death? Can we communicate with our loved ones, once they pass? Is the way we view death as a society outmoded, given what we have learned about transition? What are some of the signs and messages we receive, from those that have moved on? What are some of the special ways we may honor our loved ones, once they've exited to the next room? These topics and more, on the Next Room...

Listen every Monday at 3pm Eastern/12N Pacific on Empower Radio.

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Choose Your Adventure with Liz Coleman
Posted in: The Next Room on September 14, 2020

A public librarian by day and an astrologist by night. Jane speaks with Liz Coleman about how astrology educates us about our planetary purpose. The ladies also cover transformation due to alignment of several planets, finding your north node and…

The Amazing Life of the Double Dead Redhead with Barbara Bartolome
Posted in: The Next Room on September 7, 2020

Jane has Barbara Bartolome on the show to describe her Near Death Experience. Barbara flatlined while she was in the hospital to have a routine procedure. It took her years to finally talk about the experience. Once she did, she contacted the IANDS…

One on One with Mark Avery & Jane
Posted in: The Next Room on August 31, 2020

Jane askes her dear friend Mark Avery to join her on the Next Room. Mark lost an uncle, father, step-father as well as a dear friend all in the space of two weeks in January this year. Jane speaks to her friend about how he coped and dealt with the…

Pause For Peace with Reverend Rosella Sims
Posted in: The Next Room on August 24, 2020

Jane invites Reverend Rosella Sims on the show. The two discuss a wide range of topics from heaven and hell, to the devil. Rosella explains how she healed herself from a catastrophic illness, simply by changing her consciousness. Find out the five…

I Will Always Love You with Melissa Lyons
Posted in: The Next Room on August 17, 2020

In her conversation with Melissa Lyons this week Jane discovers that Melissa wrote her books through therapeutic journaling. With “I Will Always Love You”  she opened up to receive and channeled the entire book. The words came through her not to…

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