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Tobin 2020 Predictions That Came True, and New Ones for the Next Six Months

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Tobin 2020 Predictions That Came True, and New Ones for the Next Six Months

In December of 2019, Rick Tobin provided an extensive list of predictions for 2020, which has already aired here, on Empower Radio. In this new show of Destiny Echoes, Rick reviews those specific ones that have already come true, with hopes that some of the positive ones are still on the way. In addition, he provides a more extensive list of new projections for 2020 for all his many listeners.

Rick’s successful predictions from December included the selection of Joe Biden as the Democratic choice for the November Presidential elections (when there were still a dozen folks trying to get on the ballot, and no clear front runner), the major impact on the cruise-ship industry (which Coronavirus has now provided), the interruption of the supply chain to business, a downturn in the market with a correction…not a collapse, the continuation of a cold winter in the northern-tier states (regardless of what climatologists and weathermen were saying in December) and many more.  Rick quotes specific points on the timeline of that original prediction show in case anyone wants to revisit the original show for verification.

Some of the new predictions are daunting and indicate some serious challenges ahead, but Rick focuses on people being ready for these rather than being fearful, and taking actions now to reduce impacts and losses. He plans to do another set of predictions in the second half of the year and will review these new projections for accuracy…and failure. As he says, “On most of these, I’d rather be wrong. For some of these…it is good to be wrong.”




About Rick Tobin:

Rick Tobin, host of Destiny Echoes, is a seasoned metaphysician and ordained minister, with over fifty years of experience in paranormal activities and adventures. He is the author of, "Psychic Self-Defense for the 21st Century," as well as paranormal adventure novels available on Amazon. He is also a credited photographer and painter, besides being a writer of poetry, science

fiction and music. Before making his experiences in the paranormal world public, on Empower Radio, Rick retired from a long career as a professional consultant in disaster management and counter terrorism, serving the government, industry and corporate clients. He lives with his wife Cinda in San Antonio, Texas, along with his furry rescue companions.