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Out of the Fog with Karen Hager


Out of the Fog with Karen Hager

LIVE: Tuesday 12N ET/9am PT

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Karen Hager's “Out of the Fog” is a half hour of spiritual conversation and enlightening guests designed to help spark your spirit and ignite your soul! Karen’s guests include authors, spiritual teachers, lightworkers, intuitives, and more. Her goal? To create a positive, generous space where you can discover something new, be inspired to take action, and step forward with confidence.

Whether she’s interviewing someone well-known or unknown, Karen’s lively curiosity keeps the conversation flowing. 

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Pre-Birth Communication with Maryanne Sea
Posted in: Out of the Fog on June 11, 2019

The world of a baby before birth is richer and more complex than we can imagine. Maryanne Sea shares her experience working as a birth intuitive, one who communicates intuitively with babies before they are born. Her experience is diverse and…

How Having A Stroke Saved My Life with Michael Shutt
Posted in: Out of the Fog on June 4, 2019

In 2015, when Michael Shutt was in his 40s, he experienced a series of three inexplicable and life-changing strokes. The strokes, he insists, were the best thing that ever happened to him. He used his life’s work as an actor, singer, and storyteller…

Break Free from Negative Thinking with Christina Reeves
Posted in: Out of the Fog on May 28, 2019

We’re always having conversations with ourselves, and sometimes the inner voice we hear fills us with doubt and discouragement. Christina Reeves believes that voice comes from hidden, prerecorded belief systems imprinted on our subconscious minds.…

Safe to Love Again with Dr. Gary Salyer
Posted in: Out of the Fog on May 21, 2019

After two failed marriages, Dr. Gary Salyer dedicated himself to research and transformational work to unlock the heart and release his soul to love again. On today’s show, Dr. Salyer will share his views on lasting love, and how it is possible even…

Growing Younger Gracefully with Sheena Nancy Sarles
Posted in: Out of the Fog on May 14, 2019

How can we enhance well-being at any age? Sheena Nancy Sarles integrates the science and biology of aging, mindfulness, and spirituality to create joyful, realistic perspectives and practices for growing younger gracefully. 

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