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Conscious Living with Wendy Garrett

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Wendy Garrett is an intuitive, blogger, artist, channel. STE - Spiritually Transformative Experience in 1997 changed everything; priorities, lifestyle, relationships. The metaphysical shift triggered expanded awareness and a 24/7 paranormal enigma: interactive nightlights.

Host of Conscious Living on Empower Radio. Paranormal, Consciousness, PSI, UFO, OBE, Afterlife, Extraordinary, Unexplained...

Guest interviews and the occasional solo highlight non-ordinary events that challenge the materialist view. Each and every day - in some of the most mundane environments - anomalies occur that suggest ‘reality' exists outside and beyond limits.

Conversation is unrehearsed. Uncut. No phones, no gimmicks. Reality includes Ghosts, Fairies, Bigfoot, ET/UFOs and Spirit Guides. "Normal" has been misidentified.

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Incident at Devils Den, Alien Abduction and Alien Implant with Terry Lovelace
Posted in: Conscious Living on April 1, 2020

UFO encounters are unique. Some are terrifying. Experiencers are happy to forget and let the memory die. Terry didn't intend to go public with his until a discovery in 2012 changed his mind.

In regard to his UFO experience in 1977, he tucked that…

Coronavirus, The Healing Frequency, Metaphysics, and The Inner Voice with Jiulio Consiglio
Posted in: Conscious Living on March 25, 2020

This is that "shift" you've been hearing about for the last decade - in living color. While few (if any) of us were prepared for a crisis on this scale - from a spirit standpoint - we are ready. Trust. And bring your A game.

Just before this…

Suicide and Bipolar Disorder with Margaret Thompson
Posted in: Conscious Living on March 11, 2020

Margie Thompson's challenge in working through the loss of her son is to increase awareness about the need for better diagnosis and treatment for depression, bi-polar disorder and other mental health issues. With Suicide at epidemic levels, change…

Medium Psychic Intuitive Ghost Photographer with Mary Ann Podrasky
Posted in: Conscious Living on March 4, 2020

Mary Ann Podrasky has some amazing ghost photos!

Sidetracked by Aliens, we still didn't get into the tech she uses for Ghost hunting.

So, what happens when you go out to stargaze at an isolated site in Colorado? This isn't a David Paulides case -…

Karma with a Touch of Past Life, Paranormal and Parallel Universes
Posted in: Conscious Living on February 19, 2020

Shelley Kaehr's newest book hits the right vibe for getting rid of issues that are actually past life residue. Meet your Karma. We also talk about dreams and alternate universes. Reality has a huge playing field beyond the 5 senses calling us to…

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