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Conscious Living with Wendy Garrett


Conscious Living with Wendy Garrett

Monday-Saturday 10pm ET/7pm PT
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Wendy Garrett is a communicator, intuitive, artist, and mystic.  Her world was transformed in 1997 when she awakened to an entirely new awareness of reality through a metaphysical shift. 

Now, Wendy shares her love of spiritual and metaphysical topics and fascinating guests with her show Conscious Living on Empower Radio.  Some guests you may recognize, some you may not, all happily riding the fringe:  Creative and Inspired Living (with Spirit).

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Talking to Nightlights
Posted in: Conscious Living on March 6, 2019

Talking to Nightlights - an audio introduction. I am reading selections from my book. Quick note: I am fleshing out a few spots as I speak it and I am not correcting my misstatements - because. That's life, isn't it? My nightlights are still doing…

Beyond the Physical Form with Michael Grosso
Posted in: Conscious Living on February 20, 2019

Something animates the mind. Grappling with the nature of Consciousness - what is it? Where does it come from. The one sure disruptor to the belief that we are alone in our world is an encounter with a Ghost or a NDE. So that's what we need to…

Feng Shui That Rocks the House with Denise Liotta Dennis
Posted in: Conscious Living on February 6, 2019

2019 - Year of the Pig - Align yourself with abundance. It could be as easy as changing the direction of your desk. 

[Click Here to Listen]

Denise Liotta Dennis is a feng shui master who studied with Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai, one of the only five…

House of Spirits
Posted in: Conscious Living on January 9, 2019

Working with Spirit Guides and helping entities cross over. What a way to welcome 2019. I had an invite to check out a haunted space. When I asked why I had been called there (to those unseen spirits in the space) they said no one does this here. So…

Breakthrough Ghost Photography with Tim Scullion
Posted in: Conscious Living on December 19, 2018

Tim Scullion didn't start out wanting to be a ghost photographer, but you couldn't tell that by looking at his fantastic images. Working as a tour guide, he started giving ghost tours and saw people capture paranormal images on their cell phones. He…

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