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Life’s Tool Box with Kenny Brixey teaches tools that can be used in everyday life enabling you to live a more conscious, empowered and authentic life. Each week Kenny and his guests will chat about a new tool, how it can positively impact your life and how you can use it right now to assist you as you move towards your dreams. Life does not have to be so hard. It can be easier and more effortless when you have a toolbox full of tools that work for you. Join us on Mondays at 1:30 eastern and pick up a tool or two that will help you manifest your dreams, and more.

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Expand Your Experience of Christmas
Posted in: Life's Tool Box on December 17, 2018

Whether you absolutely love the holidays or dread them, you can expand your experience of the holidays by being fully present. On this episode, we talk about the importance of being present and mindful, releasing the stress, and finding joy. 


Four Holiday Gifts
Posted in: Life's Tool Box on December 10, 2018

Today we are exploring the four most wonderful gifts that we can receive and give. Love, Peace, Gratitude and Oneness. 

As we look within and realize these gifts within us, we express them more fully into every situation we experience. As we…

Create Your Christmas Wish List
Posted in: Life's Tool Box on December 3, 2018

On this episode of Life’s Tool Box, we are talking about rekindling one of the greatest joys of our childhood; creating a Christmas Wish List. We will discuss the benefits of creating a list, and those benefits go far beyond a list of things to…

Respond From Essence
Posted in: Life's Tool Box on November 12, 2018

Life is full of situations that invite us to react in some way or another. Many times, we are tempted to react with a knee-jerk reaction with little or no consideration of our actions. 

Today we are talking about the tool, “Respond From Essence.”…

Deepen Consciousness
Posted in: Life's Tool Box on October 29, 2018

On this episode, we talk about deepening our consciousness beyond the awareness of what we are experiencing in the moment. As we deepen our consciousness even further, we see truth, we see the love and peace that is present in every…

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