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Destiny Echoes with Rick Tobin


Destiny Echoes with Rick Tobin

LISTEN: Mondays at 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific

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Destiny Echoes is a weekly safe haven. Return home during your soul's journey, to meet on Rick Tobin's friendly porch, where you can securely explore the paranormal-as it becomes our new normal. Rick Tobin, host of Destiny Echoes, and his guests, help you prepare and adapt for coming changes, as other multi-verse dimensions merge with ours. Will you be ready? Will you awaken?

Destiny Echoes guides you to avoid future shock as our Earth goes through Her birth pangs of chaos and vibration enrichment. You can prevail, grow and emerge aware and strong as a New Age quickly unfolds, and your psychic senses intensify. Rick Tobin welcomes you home, revealing your true purpose, reverberating from your soul's immortality as Destiny Echoes.

Listen Mondays at 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific Beginning January 6th on Empower Radio.

Rick_Tobin_235357112.jpgRick Tobin, host of Destiny Echoes, is a seasoned metaphysician and ordained minister, with over fifty years of experience in paranormal activities and adventures. He is the author of, "Psychic Self-Defense for the 21st Century," as well as paranormal adventure novels available on Amazon. He is also a credited photographer and painter, besides being a writer of poetry, science fiction and music. Before making his experiences in the paranormal world public, on Empower Radio, Rick retired from a long career as a professional consultant in disaster management and counter terrorism, serving the government, industry and corporate clients. He lives with his wife Cinda in San Antonio, Texas, along with his furry rescue companions.

With Tiffani Exploring Dimensional Contacts
Posted in: Destiny Echoes on January 20, 2020

This show of Destiny Echoes contains a terrific interview as we explore the paranormal.  This week, Tiffani will discuss her manipulation of sleep states to enter alternate realities, allowing contact with those departed and other dimensional…

Rick Tobin Predictions and Trends for 2020
Posted in: Destiny Echoes on January 13, 2020

In this show of Destiny Echoes, Rick Tobin provides his annual psychic predictions. His last prediction set for 2018 was 83% correct. He admits to making misses, stating that, “Only the Almighty knows what will happen for sure.”  Tobin reveals…

An Introduction: Who Is Rick Tobin?
Posted in: Destiny Echoes on January 6, 2020

This show launches the Destiny Echoes program, with your host, Rick Tobin. In this brief introduction, Rick provides a warm, homey welcome for his listeners, describing why he is qualified to help them through the paradigm shift as dimensions in the…