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Destiny Echoes with Rick Tobin

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Destiny Echoes is a weekly safe haven. Return home during your soul's journey, to meet on Rick Tobin's friendly porch, where you can securely explore the paranormal-as it becomes our new normal. Rick Tobin, host of Destiny Echoes, and his guests, help you prepare and adapt for coming changes, as other multi-verse dimensions merge with ours. Will you be ready? Will you awaken?

Destiny Echoes guides you to avoid future shock as our Earth goes through Her birth pangs of chaos and vibration enrichment. You can prevail, grow and emerge aware and strong as a New Age quickly unfolds, and your psychic senses intensify. Rick Tobin welcomes you home, revealing your true purpose, reverberating from your soul's immortality as Destiny Echoes.

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Rick_Tobin_235357112.jpgRick Tobin, host of Destiny Echoes, is a seasoned metaphysician and ordained minister, with over fifty years of experience in paranormal activities and adventures. He is the author of, "Psychic Self-Defense for the 21st Century," as well as paranormal adventure novels available on Amazon. He is also a credited photographer and painter, besides being a writer of poetry, science fiction and music. Before making his experiences in the paranormal world public, on Empower Radio, Rick retired from a long career as a professional consultant in disaster management and counter terrorism, serving the government, industry and corporate clients. He lives with his wife Cinda in San Antonio, Texas, along with his furry rescue companions.

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Tobin 2020 Predictions That Came True, and New Ones for the Next Six Months
Posted in: Destiny Echoes on March 30, 2020

In December of 2019, Rick Tobin provided an extensive list of predictions for 2020, which has already aired here, on Empower Radio. In this new show of Destiny Echoes, Rick reviews those specific ones that have already come true, with hopes that…

Jane Asher, Host of the Show The Next Room, Discusses Perceptions About Death in the U.S.
Posted in: Destiny Echoes on March 23, 2020

Jane Asher is a natural connector.  She got her start in the media world through radio in Michigan, traveled west to work at legendary radio stations there, and she has received the prestigious Marconi Award for her work on Smooth Jazz KIFM. When…

Ellie Crystal, of Crystalinks, Explores Our Holographic Reality
Posted in: Destiny Echoes on March 16, 2020

Ellie is the founder of Crystalinks, known as one of the oldest and most comprehensive locations on the Internet for metaphysical and paranormal information, combined with scientific investigation, fact and breakthroughs. Her lifetime of exploration…

Paranormal Experiences of a Scientist Prove Our Spirits Are Immortal
Posted in: Destiny Echoes on March 9, 2020

Show 10 of Destiny Echoes, “Paranormal Experiences of a Scientist Prove Our Spirits Are Immortal,” features Rick Tobin’s guest Cathi, a professional environmental scientist who has a lifetime of paranormal experiences that do not conflict with her…

Our Loved Ones Reach Out to Us After Death with Paula Lenz
Posted in: Destiny Echoes on March 2, 2020

“Our Loved Ones Reach Out to Us After Death” features Rick Tobin’s guest Paula Lenz, author of “Driving Into Infinity: Living with My Brother’s Spirit”. Paula shares her life-long experiences with her brother’s soul after his passing in 1983,…

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