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A Gut Feeling with Jaclyn Renee


A Gut Feeling with Jaclyn Renee

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In "A gut feeling", Jaclyn Renee uncovers the interconnected and powerful nature of the gut. On her own journey to healing, she's discovered that gut health is the root cause of disease. Every week, she expertly unpacks and explains how digestive distress can lead to a host of health challenges - including anxiety, inflammation and chronic issues. While providing a slew of tips and tricks to tackle your tummy, Jaclyn explains the deeply rooted context that proves food is medicine and the quintessential key to finally being "in tune" with your body.

Listen live at 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific every Thursday on Empower Radio.

jaclyn_renee_2_247152050.jpgJaclyn Renee assists her clients in healing their body using food and self-care as their medicine. Having gone through many of her own illnesses including IBS and anxiety, Jaclyn entered the world of holistic health when countless doctors and tests were not working. She helps her clients peel back the layers of their health most often starting with the gut, which she believes is the root cause of all disease. With personalized programs, meal plans, and lots of accountability she can help her clients peel back the layers of their health and get them back to feeling comfortable in their own skin. For sessions, Jaclyn meets with her clients one-on-one in the office, the grocery store for tours and education, or in their home to clean out the pantry and and understand how to read labels. Jaclyn does not believe in a one size fits all diet. She takes into consideration the health history and goals of each individual and formulates personalized plans to meet the client where they are as to not overwhelm them when making life changes.

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Why Does Anxiety Exist?
Posted in: A Gut Feeling on November 26, 2020

… or does it? Most people do not realize that the brain and gut are directly connected. In fact, most clients that experience some form of digestive stress also report anxiety or stress and even depression. This is because there are thousands of…

Low Acidity and Bloating with Dr. Sarah Kirsch
Posted in: A Gut Feeling on May 28, 2020

Bloating tends to be the number one complaint from clients who experience digestive issues. It can be so frustrating, especially for clients that eat pretty healthy, to constantly feel that balloon pressure after meals. Normal recommendations for…

Releasing Expectations
Posted in: A Gut Feeling on May 21, 2020

I’m coming out of a 3-day women’s wellness summit that I hosted virtually this year. With everything going on with COVID, it was incredibly fulfilling to connect with so many like-minded women and all support each other on their healing journey. The…

Meghan's Healing Journey
Posted in: A Gut Feeling on May 14, 2020

Meghan Conrad describes her healing journey as a tornado of pain and suffering both physically and mentally. She was bounced around from doctor to doctor with no answer for her daily uncomfortable bloat and excruciating cramping in her gut. Meghan…

Shanley’s Healing Journey
Posted in: A Gut Feeling on May 7, 2020

Shanley Pearl is the owner of a boutique marketing firm and founder of Hungry in Detroit. She made a name for herself as a local Detroit “foodie” and made an impact on the community. On the outside it looked like she was having so much fun, but on…

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