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Arty Bujan "Going With The Flow"

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Arty Bujan on Begin With Yes

Arty Bujan "Going With The Flow"

Today on Begin With Yes my guest is Life Coach Arty Bujan, who has a passion for helping people get over old patterns, teaching them how to make good things happen in their lives and live lives that they can be proud of.

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Arty Bujan is a passionate and energetic Life and Career Coach, perfect for the New Age. With proven results never before seen nor received, he is also an insightful NLP Master Practitioner.  As a consistent avid learner, Arty leaves a well grounded mark with a cut edge business, capable of breathing life into your dreams. Providing with confidence an extensive background in sales, marketing and finance; his eight years in business has allowed him the privilege to work with career professionals as well as small business owners from all over the country. The passion and contagious energy eluded from his tremendous personality has impacted enough people to leave him with an extensive rolodex of business contacts to provide job seekers with employment opportunities. His marketing and branding techniques for job seekers are outrageous! With compassion and a positive encouraging attitude, he provides you with the practical tools for your career and life, instantly. Once immediately benefiting from the results you’ll see it’s almost impossible to not get inspired and invigorated in your career and business after talking to him. Not only is Arty a Life and Career Coach, he is an “extra-ordinary” charismatic with an online following of over 30,000 people combining the 3 major players Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter. Being a successful, self motivated, avid blogger whom continuously contributes too many online websites, Arty is the one to go to.


About Paul Boynton:

Paul S. Boynton is President & CEO of The Moore Center, an agency that serves people with intellectual, developmental and personal challenges by creating opportunities for a good life.


In addition to over 35 years in the health care, human services and nonprofit world, Mr. Boynton has served on numerous boards in New Hampshire in leadership roles, including Pastoral Counseling Services, Special Olympics NH and the New England Heart Institute.  He currently serves on the boards of Catholic Medical Center and The Bedford Ambulatory Surgical Center.   


He received his B.A. in Social Work from the University of New Hampshire and his M.A. in Counseling from Goddard College. 


Mr. Boynton is the author of the motivational book Begin with Yes, hosts the TV Show Begin with Yes, and writes the column, Begin with Yes in the Workplace.  He is currently using his book to help unemployed and underemployed people in New Hampshire and nationwide, offering free downloads of his book in an effort to communicate that when developing an effective job search strategy, positive attitude plus positive action leads to a positive result.


Mr. Boynton’s philosophy on life - reach out a hand to help someone, because as you do, there’s always someone ahead holding out a hand for you.