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Fear vs Anger with Henry Woodworth

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Fear vs Anger with Henry Woodworth

Many are starting to say that the human brain is more complicated than the entire universe! Even though we still don't know everything about the brain and all it's function, we do know a little about emotions and fear. Today we chat more with Dr. Henry Woodworth about fear vs anger, and the positive ways to deal with both. 

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Henry Woodworth, M.D., is a child and adolescent psychiatrist. After graduating from Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine, he completed five years of post-doctoral specialization training, including completion of his Adult Psychiatry residency and a Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, both at the University of Michigan.  

Dr. Woodworth practices in Northville, Michigan, and has been in private practice for over 20 years. In addition, he has been Medical Director at Havenwyck Hospital for 15 years, treating teenagers who have experienced severe emotional traumas.  Henry has experience helping with the unique challenges that gifted individuals face, including twice-exceptionality, overexcitabilities, and asynchronous development. He has particular expertise treating ADHD, trauma, and anxiety and is trained in family systems.

In addition to his developing ideas about how to manage fear, Dr. Woodworth's current interests include the neuroscience of Jungian type, archetypal patterns among his clients, and exploring how music affects development across brain hemispheres. He also is an addictionologist and opened the first dual-diagnosis clinic in Michigan to treat adolescents with addiction and psychiatric problems. In his spare time he enjoys composing music on his guitar, laughing at Eddie Izzard DVDs, and admiring elephants.  His book, Needleleaf, explores the ideas of fate and destiny in a fable about two Christmas trees.


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