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The Eimers Foundation with Robby Eimers

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The Eimers Foundation with Robby Eimers

When Robby Eimers, age 13, was 9 years old , he had his butterfly moment on a drive down to Detroit with his grandmother and one of her friends to drop off a couple of coats and blankets to a homeless shelter. When Robby saw how many homeless people there were, it shocked him and made him so sad he decided he must do something to help. He has been giving meals, clothes, and more every week for 5 years now. Robby calls what he does "Sharing" and the homeless his "Friends". Robby has worked hard towards his many goals and recently reached a big one, The Eimers Foundation has obtained its 501.(c)(3) Status. Now he hoping to be able to apply for grants and get Corporate donations.

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In July of 2013, on a car ride, the eleven-year-old Robby Eimers thought to himself: Maybe since I do all of this work, I should start a foundation. He had been helping the homeless for about two years, aided by his younger sister, Emma, and encouraged by his grandmother, Cynthia. He chose to name it The Eimers Foundation, setting the goal to help the homeless.

On August 3, 2013 the Foundation's Facebook was created.  In the week following its creation, the Foundation had a total of about 91 Likes - quite an achievement for this new organization!  He now has over 3600 likes, but as Robby says, "It isn't about how many likes I get, Its about how many people are inspired to do the same." Messages were sent to the Page and many comments were made, some even requesting to donate to the Foundation. It became apparent that a mailing address was needed. They received their P.O. Box, and began working on the next steps. 

The goal: To End Homelessness. While he has acknowledged all he has done, he understands that it is not enough. He wants to work on ending homelessness completely, and has begun taking the necessary steps. In the meantime, he does all he can to make his Friends comfortable. 


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