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Helping the People of Nepal with James Chippendale

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The Love Hope Strength Foundation with James Chippendale

Nepal's biggest earthquake in more than 80 years struck the country on April 25th. James Chippendale of The Love Hope Strength Foundation calls in to talk about how you can help the people of Nepal. Love Hope Strength had the first western rock concert in the city of Nepal to raise funds for a cancer hospital. This hospital is now being used as a triage hospital for the victims of the earthquake and aftershocks. Find out how you can make sure your donations are going directly to those who need the help with a donation to Love Hope Strength's Nepalese relief effort.

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About Mel Majoros:

Mel Majoros, currently in remission, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007.  On a lucky break after her cancer surgery she was offered a job as a producer on a local talk sports show in Michigan where she advocates about cancer and other health related topics.  During that time she started blogging and her blog has been named one of the top ten breast cancer blogs by  She brings a unique perspective to being a survivor, always keeping a positive attitude and an athletes mentality for dealing with cancer and survivorship. Prior to working in radio Mel was a 10 year veteran of the television industry working on such shows as Walker, Texas Ranger and Crossing Jordan.