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Exploring the I Am America Teachings with Lori Toye

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Exploring the I Am America Teachings with Lori Toye

The new book A Teacher Appears finally gives us the background for information that would become ... the I AM America Maps. But what has changed - if anything - since that first printing ... A lot. But it isn't all about the maps. How much has changed since Lori Toye was first presented with the information that would become the I AM America Maps, fortells coming earth changes that will change the landscape of the US. She finally discloses the story of how her journey began and the role the Ascended Masters played in that process.

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LORI TOYE is not a prophet of doom and gloom. The fact that she became a prophet atall is highly unlikely. Reared in a small Idaho farming community as a member of the conservative Missouri Synod Lutheran church, Lori had never heard of meditation, spiritual development, reincarnation, channeling, or clairvoyant sight.

Her unusual spiritual journey began in Washington State, when, as advertising manager of a weekly newspaper, she answered a request to pick up an ad for a local health food store. Upon entering, Lori was met by a woman at the counter who pointed a finger at her and said, "You have work to do for Master Saint Germain!"

The next several years were filled with spiritual enlightenment that introduced twenty-two-year-old Lori to the most exceptional and inspirational information she had ever encountered.

his began when she was awakened one night by the luminous figure of Saint Germain at the foot of her bed. Later in the same year, an image of a map appeared in her dream. Four teachers clad in white robes were present, pointing out earth changes that would shape the future United States.

Five years later, faced with the stress of a painful divorce and rebuilding her life as a single mother, Lori attended spiritual meditation classes. While there, she shared her map dream experience and, encouraged by friends, she began to explore the dream through daily meditation. The four beings appeared again and expressed a willingness to share the information. Over a six-month period, they gave more than eighty sessions of material, including detailed information that would later become the I AM America Map.

Clearly Lori had to produce the map. The only means to finance it was to sell her house. She put her home up for sale, and in a depressed market, it sold the first day at full asking price.
She produced the map in 1989, rolled copies on her kitchen table, and sold them through word of mouth. She then launched a lecture tour of the Northwest and California. Hers was the first Earth Changes Map published, and many others have followed, but the rest is history.

From the tabloids to The New York Times, The Washington Post, television interviews in the U.S., London, and Europe, Lori's mission was to honor the material she had received. The material is not hers, she stresses. It belongs to the Masters, and their loving, healing approach is disseminated through the I AM America Publishing Company operated by her husband and spiritual partner, Lenard Toye. Working together, they organized free classes of the teachings and their instructional pursuits led them to form the School of the Four Pillars which included holistic and energy healing techniques. In 1995 and 1996 they sponsored the first Prophecy Conferences in Philadelphia and Phoenix, Arizona.Other publications include three additional prophecy maps, eight books, numerous videos, and more than sixty audios based on sessions with Master Teacher Saint Germain and other Ascended Masters.

Spiritual in nature, I AM America is not a church, religion, sect, or cult. There is no interest or intent in amassing followers or engaging in any activity other than what Lori and Lenard can do on their own to publicize the materials they have been entrusted with.

They have also been directed to build the first GoldenCity community. A very positive aspect of the prophecy is that all the maps include areas called, "Golden Cities." These places hold a high spiritual energy and these are the locations where sustainable communities are to be built, using solar energy alongside classical feng shui engineering and infrastructure. The first community, Wenima Village, is currently being planned for development.

Concerned that some might misinterpret the Maps' messages as doom and gloom and miss the metaphor for personal change, or not consider the spiritual teachings attached to the maps, Lori emphasizes that the Masters stressed that this was a prophecy of choice. Prophecy allows for choice in making informed decisions and promotes the opportunity for cooperation and harmony. Lenard and Lori's vision for I AM America is to share the Ascended Masters' prophecies as spiritual warnings to heal and renew our lives.


About Wendy Garrett:

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My world was transformed in 1997 when I awakened to an entirely new awareness of reality through a metaphysical shift. The spirit energy that collaborated with me to reveal new dimensions of being and spirit worlds with which we cohabit and co-create our reality is still with me. And that is what I bring to the table now - in each and every life experience: multidimensional awareness and metaphysical presence.

As a radio broadcaster, my experience runs the spectrum of formats including news, talk, and music. Reporter, jock, news anchor, talk host and co-host, announcer, voice talent, I back-burnered and downplayed my metaphysical life while I learned the trade, acquired new information and new skills, gained entry into the world of interviewing and met some amazing people.

Radio back-burnered when I detoured from news to finally allow my paranormal world to have center stage. Totally immersed through a dramatic series of events that triggered an entire redirect of my life, I wrote about the initial encounter in Talking to Nightlights. Truly, a new beginning, the rewards upgraded as I have continued my lessons and learning on that journey.

Writing shifted to blogging and a renewed interest in interviewing with a dedicated focus on metaphysical and spiritual topics that included spiritual awakening and shamanism, because that is my reality, and there were no radio broadcasters who talked or lived this lifestyle. I hear, see, feel, sense, smell energy beings, ghosts, angels and spirit guides and I learn more with each encounter. As a conscious co-creator, I go where I am called. One can ask better questions when they walk the talk. (To that end, I work with a paranormal group who investigates hauntings.)

We are the creators here. We are the change we seek and we are in the company of others in spirit form who add the element of wonder to the playing field. That is where magic lives. Join me for Conscious Living on Empower Radio. I feature others who may or may not add a metaphysical element but are bringing light, joy, wonder and awareness to the world in whatever creative endeavor they have chosen to pursue.

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