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Boldly Bald Women: How to Change The World By Changing Yourself

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Boldly Bald Women: How to Change The World By Changing Yourself

Pam Fitros, author of Boldly Bald Women discusses her journey from shame about her hair loss to writing a book and creating a movement supporting women who have experienced hair loss. Pam discusses how to overcome shame, how to live an authentic life, and how to feel good about yourself no matter what.

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Pam Fitros lives in Michigan with her husband (Mike the Greek) and their two dogs, Marco Polo and Buddy. She has two adult children and one grandchild.

Pam is an ovarian cancer survivor - but the shiny bald head she adores comes not from cancer treatment, but from an autoimmune disorder called alopecia universalis, which means she has lost all body hair. She insists the only hair she misses is her nose hair. Nose hair slows down the flow of cold air in winter, allowing it to warm up a bit before it hits the lungs. In the summer it helps filter out pollen and keep bugs out of you nose. Pam says, "Nobody ever appreciates nose hair until it is gone!"

Pam wrote Boldly Bald Women, which reached Amazon Best Seller List the same day it was released, after realizing she never saw any women, other than herself, with uncovered bald heads. She did research on the internet and found and (National Alopecia Areata Foundation) and discovered an international community of people with various forms of alopecia.


About Doug Foresta:

Doug Foresta's mission is to use creativity and imagination to create a better world. As a therapist he works with individuals to use the power of imagination and narrative to create new possibilities and overcome trauma and addictions. He has hosted several Imagination Conversations, a project of The Lincoln Center Institute, in his hometown of Massachusetts.
He speaks regularly on the topics of creativity and healing, as well as about the healing power of stories. For the past several years he has produced and hosted a podcast about the power of creativity and imagination, and has been blessed to be able to interview New York Times bestselling authors, actors, activitists, musicians and extraordinary creative people from all walks of life.
Doug is also a produced playwright, and has taught playwriting and theatre to young people for over a decade. He is absolutely thrilled to be "living his bliss" and is currently focusing on using imagination to create social change and a more peaceful and loving world!