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Paranormal Experiences of a Scientist Prove Our Spirits Are Immortal

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Paranormal Experiences of a Scientist Prove Our Spirits Are Immortal

Show 10 of Destiny Echoes, “Paranormal Experiences of a Scientist Prove Our Spirits Are Immortal,” features Rick Tobin’s guest Cathi, a professional environmental scientist who has a lifetime of paranormal experiences that do not conflict with her understanding of science and the web of life. 

 Cathi shares her life-long involvement with paranormal events such as precognitive dreams before major events, haunting of a departed friend and her photos of orbs in a deeply haunted site overseas. She also discusses at least one past lifetime she has remembered, including the cause of death in that existence.

Cathi’s empathic insights have assisted her in a long career in environmental protection where she acts to protect the planet from those who wish to knowingly harm the balance of nature. Her sensitivities and insights have aided as tools in performing her career path to make the world a better and safer place. Now, she, like Rick, is making her previously hidden adventures in the paranormal, open for discussion on Destiny Echoes. 

Cathi recommends other books for those having these experiences, including, The Empath's Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People, by Judith Orloff.




About Rick Tobin:

Rick Tobin, host of Destiny Echoes, is a seasoned metaphysician and ordained minister, with over fifty years of experience in paranormal activities and adventures. He is the author of, "Psychic Self-Defense for the 21st Century," as well as paranormal adventure novels available on Amazon. He is also a credited photographer and painter, besides being a writer of poetry, science

fiction and music. Before making his experiences in the paranormal world public, on Empower Radio, Rick retired from a long career as a professional consultant in disaster management and counter terrorism, serving the government, industry and corporate clients. He lives with his wife Cinda in San Antonio, Texas, along with his furry rescue companions.