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EmpowerScopes for Week of October 25th, 2020

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EmpowerScopes for Week of October 25th, 2020

Awakening FULL ON Unexpected. What is your experience this week?

Mercury Retrograde and Venus both enter Libra on Tuesday, from opposite ends of the sign, setting off more imbalance to work out across the globe. As Autumn’s 2nd Full Moon peaks on Halloween, it will not deliver many treats, yet plenty of alarming tricks that are completely part of 2020’s Awakening the Unexpected journey. 


Empowerscopes translate the power of astrology to align you in peace of mind for our changing times so you can begin to hold your keys to success. Listen for your Sun Sign to receive this week's focus guided by a glimpse of your current astrology forecast. Should you have already had your natal chart cast by a professional astrologer, equally listen for your Ascendant/Rising Sign as well for an even more personalized view.

Astrology’s Terrific Timing Is Everything Tips Align YOU with Success!

What’s naturally beginning or concluding in your life? 

LunarOScopes relate from the most recent New or Full Moon, whether our focus is best placed upon initiations and forward motion or allowing release and reflection to unfold, as our Moon journeys through its’ monthly waxing and waning phases.

Moon Cycles: A Daily Guide for Manifesting

Follow the Moon's movement all week long to optimize your current timing and planning needs in accordance with where it naturally moves through your natal birth chart. Understanding how any waxing or waning lunar cycle not only affects our emotional state of mind- knowing what specific area of life we can expect to experience our personal feelings allows them to become powerful messengers that reap us rewards versus struggling inefficiently against them.

When to Schedule Weekly Reassessment, Reflection & Review 

Moon Void of Courses (M VOC) are a marvelous astrological timing tool precisely pointing to favored periodic “timeouts” in life that occur throughout any given work week. Much like Mercury Retrograde periods, any and all Moon VOC passages specifically advise against scheduling any SHOPPING, initiations, important meetings or even making purchases of any kind intended for long-term success: otherwise “nothing becomes of it.” Follow this critical astrological rule of thumb to stop wasting your time and energy to become more efficient and mindful. Hours below are for EDT.


COVID19/Coronavirus Awareness

Bringing Back Balance in America: Understanding a 6 Personal Year Cycle

Irreversible America: Understanding a 5 Personal Year Cycle

Timing is Everything Safety Shopping Tips & Protection

2020: Becoming Friends with Simplification

In Progress: 

Mars Retrograde, 09 September to 13 November

The request to review, reflect and redo in Aries.

One of the more “turbulent” times during 2020 will be when the pioneering planet who always takes charge moving head first, will take time to do some sharpening of its’ own saw. Being Mars is an inner planet -like Mercury and Venus Retrograde passages- when in retrograde, its’ request for reflection is more than intensely felt throughout our human experiences, and equally requires extra planning ahead. This is a critical passage that will ask for careful consideration concerning anything we are beginning. Mars affects our motivations, ambition, drives, dynamic action, conclusions, and conflicts. Navigating with success under Mars Retrograde distinctly marks 2020’s Awakening the Unexpected experience to remember to absolutely respond verses react to the changes that call to us.

Approach Begins: 26 July 2020

Shadow Ends: 02 January 2021

Mercury Retrograde in Libra/Scorpio

13 October to 03 November

The request to review, reflect and redo since 12 July’s 2020 actions.

Mercury Retrograde passages specifically favor engaging in reflection, review and renew over its’ 3 week passage. Careful planning must be met so we -to the best of our free will’s ability- do not start new things that we wish to have long-term success with. We can successfully manage with ease when we go back to what already exists. Mercury guides all forms of communication, thinking, mentality, movement & travel of any kind. During a Retrograde cycle, his backtracking through the Zodiac creates natural interruptions, rerouting and flux concerning these areas and within our schedules. Having our back-up plans ready to go is recommended as we anticipate change and honor the value of this natural offering to rest, reconnect, recharge and release.

Approach Begins: 25 September

Shadow Ends: 19 November


Be PROPERLY PREPARED with You & Your Home's Chi Preparation via Feng Shui, Meditation, Awareness, Healing & Astrology/Numerology's Foresight. Sharita Star once again is honored to join Energy Experts: Medium Adam Bernstein Healer Heather Estara & Feng Shui Master Amanda Gates for powerful elearning workshops to arm you with soul certainty in our uncertain times under Mars Retrograde, Mercury Retrograde and October's more than delicate Full Moons.

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