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Artesian Farms - Good for Customers, Neighborhoods, Cities and the Planet With Jeff Adams

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Artesian Farms - Good for Customers, Neighborhoods, Cities and the Planet With Jeff Adams

Jeff Adams is not your typical farmer. His farm does not consist of sprawling acreage, but rather is located in the most unlikely of places. In a formerly abandoned warehouse in the Detroit neighborhood known as Brightmoor, whose history and community would be considered less than bright. But Jeff Adams and Artesian Farms are changing all of that.

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Artesian_Farms_556891779.jpgJeff Adams is the founder of Artesian Farms. They provide sustainably-grown, pesticide-free, non-GMO, produce at a fair price. Their crops are harvested by hand at the perfect time which leads to peak flavor and nutritional value. Grown in Detroit means their food doesn't travel far and your taste buds will notice! Their indoor farm harvests all year long resulting in a consistent supply for customers.

Artesian Farms is dedicated to providing meaningful opportunities and relationships to the people in their neighborhood. Currently 100% of their team is made up of people who live in Brightmoor, Detroit. They're doing their best to help our neighborhood grow, one seed at a time. The farm was previously an abandoned warehouse. They've transformed what was blight into a community resource for healthy food and employment. They're a small part of a larger transformational movement happening in Detroit.

Their method of growing uses 90% less water than conventional farming. They don't use chemical inputs on their produce which protects soil and water supply. Locally sourced hydroponic food reduces petroleum consumption in the traditional food supply chain by eliminating the need for farm machinery and vehicles used for distribution.


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Elaine M. Grohman has been working in the field of Energy Medicine for nearly 20 years. The experiences of her own Life brought her to delve into the Mystery of our Spirit, Body, Emotions and Mind, and through that search she has sought to help others appreciate their own Life in a greater way. Elaine works with people in the medical fields, as well as having a private practice. She is the author of two books, "The Angels and Me - Experiences of Receiving and Sharing Divine Communication," and "Spirit Awakening - Wisdom for Life and Living." As an Intuitive, Elaine helps others to look beyond the wounds they use to define themselves, so that new and perhaps greater understanding can become known. Through this, we can begin to Heal our World - And Ourselves.

Photos by Laurie Tennent