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Gendercide Awareness Project with Beverly Hill

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Gendercide Awareness Project with Beverly Hill

126 MILLION women & girls are "missing" (dead) from the world population due to severe discrimination and lack of basic human rights -- in other words due to social, man-made causes. That figure comes from the UN Population Fund. That's more deaths than World War I and World War II combined. It's 3.7% of the global female population -- a staggering loss. 

There is cause for hope. The fact that gendercide is a socially created, man-made problem means that it is a fixable problem. With this in mind, the Gendercide Awareness Project focuses on:

1) Raising awareness, particularly through our traveling art exhibit

2) Taking action by educating at-risk girls in developing countries. 

We believe that educating girls is the best long-term strategy for ending gendercide. With education and job skills, girls are transformed from economic burdens to economic assets, and they are better positioned to fight for equal rights.

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On This Episode:

3:00 - Awareness

4:30 - Modern day slavery

7:30 - Vowing to take up a cause

11:00 - A manmade atrocity

17:00 - Discrimination of the elderly

18:15 - Parliament of world religions

30:00 - Education is key

33:00 - Daughters can be considered economic disasters

34:00 - Dowries

37:00 - Gender gap in education

52:00 - A global society

53:30 - Broken education systems


Beverly_Hill_379652880.jpgBeverly Hill is Founder & President of the Gendercide Awareness Project. She graduated from Duke University summa cum laude and returned for graduate work in History. She later taught at the University of Iowa as an adjunct instructor.

In 2000 she retrained as a sculptor, realizing a long-deferred desire to work in the visual arts. For ten years she made figurative bronzes and clay murals. Her work appears in private collections across the US.

Several personal encounters sparked her interest in global women’s human rights, leading her to found the Gendercide Awareness Project, an endeavor that uses both her academic and artistic skills.


About :

Elaine M. Grohman has been working in the field of Energy Medicine for nearly 20 years. The experiences of her own Life brought her to delve into the Mystery of our Spirit, Body, Emotions and Mind, and through that search she has sought to help others appreciate their own Life in a greater way. Elaine works with people in the medical fields, as well as having a private practice. She is the author of two books, "The Angels and Me - Experiences of Receiving and Sharing Divine Communication," and "Spirit Awakening - Wisdom for Life and Living." As an Intuitive, Elaine helps others to look beyond the wounds they use to define themselves, so that new and perhaps greater understanding can become known. Through this, we can begin to Heal our World - And Ourselves.

Photos by Laurie Tennent