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Jeff Rock "Re-Imagining Ourselves"

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Jeff Rock on Imagining the Future

What do stories have to do with personal success? How can you overcome limiting beliefs? On the debut edition of Imagining the Future, Jeff Rock, Chief Insight Officer of Swift River Coaching, talks about the connection between imagination and personal reinvention. Jeff discusses how to raise your personal energy level to overcome limitations, and shares stories about how he uses imagination with his coaching clients. Jeff also shares how imagination can hinder or help you in achieving your goals, and how you can ensure that you are able to use imagination to move your life forward.

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Jeff Rock

Jeff Rock is the Personal Branding Strategist for Business Professionals from Boston to Hartford. He is the Founder and Chief Insight Officer at Swift River Coaching, LLC, a coaching practice dedicated to their client’s success. Jeff chose Swift River Coaching as the name of his company because he wanted something that suggested forward movement, constant change, and an innate ability to deal with obstacles.  He also wanted something that implied organic growth – positive change from an internal source, a force that is unstoppable. 

Jeff is a member of the International Coach Federation.  He was certified by The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) in 2006.  He holds several Reach branding certifications, including 360Reach Assessment, Keynote delivery, and Certified Personal Branding Strategist.  Jeff is certified in Emotional Intelligence through Genos International and as an Energy Leadership Index – Master Practitioner through iPEC.


About Doug Foresta:

Doug's mission is to use creativity and imagination to create a better world. As a therapist he works with individuals to use the power of imagination and narrative to create new possibilities and overcome trauma and addictions. He has hosted several Imagination Conversations, a project of The Lincoln Center Institute, in his hometown of Massachusetts.
He speaks regularly on the topics of creativity and healing, as well as about the healing power of stories. For the past several years he has produced and hosted a podcast about the power of creativity and imagination, and has been blessed to be able to interview New York Times bestselling authors, actors, activitists, musicians and extraordinary creative people from all walks of life.
Doug is also a produced playwright, and has taught playwriting and theatre to young people for over a decade. He is absolutely thrilled to be "living his bliss" and is currently focusing on using imagination to create social change and a more peaceful and loving world!