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Honoring the Foundations of Life with Shelley Ostroff
Posted in: Dr Julie Show on December 19, 2018

Imagine a world where we join hearts with people on every continent to connect in stillness, compassion and dedicated action for intentional planetary healing. Now is that time! If you share a commitment to protect and honor the foundations of life, listen in as we focus on earth, water, fire, air,…

EmpowerScopes for Week of December 30th, 2018
Posted in: EmpowerScopes on December 30, 2018

Being Reachable & Teachable in 2019. How are you celebrating this week?
It is probably fair to say many people on the planet are absolutely ready to see 2018’s doors close as we ring in our Universal New Year of 2019. As we open to a completely new energetic pulse favoring abundance, practicing…

Community Outreach with Dani Tietjen
Posted in: Dream Big on January 4, 2019

Jill and activist Dani Tietjen dig deep to find what drives Dani to continue to stay in the trenches in order to experience and tell the true stories that draw out our need for community, collaboration and creative spirit.

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On This Episode:

3:30 - Love of music

5:00 -…

Balancing Creativity and Work with Devin Scillian
Posted in: Dream Big on December 28, 2018

What does an American Journalist, award winning author of 15 childrens books, a musician and one of Ellen Degeneres' favorite guest's have in common? They are all one person! Devin Scillian will be joining Jill Jack on Dream Big to discuss what it is be him!

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Expand Your Experience of Christmas
Posted in: Life's Tool Box on December 17, 2018

Whether you absolutely love the holidays or dread them, you can expand your experience of the holidays by being fully present. On this episode, we talk about the importance of being present and mindful, releasing the stress, and finding joy. 

No matter your typical experience of this season, join…

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