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Monday Blues? Winter Woes? Or Real Depression?

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Monday Blues? Winter Woes? Or Real Depression?

Some days are better than others. But when bad days turn into bad weeks and bad weeks turn into bad months you really need to understand what is going on with your mental health. The weather, an argument, your job, your family - any of these can trigger a bad day. But if that bad day lasts and lasts, and you can't break out of it, it could be depression. 

What triggers you? When do you know it might be more than just a funk? We will talk about our triggers and what we do to get ourselves back on track, as well as the signs to look for that may indicate professional help is needed.

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On this episode:

1:00 - Sunday night blues

2:00 - Recognizing when depression hits

4:45 - Vicious cycle

5:30 - Things that will make you feel better are hard to do

6:00 - Suffering from loss

8:00 - Taking baby steps

8:30 - Planning ahead

9:20 - Just get started

10:15 - You don't have to believe everything your brain tells you

12:00 - Tips to get out of a funk

14:00 - Medication pros and cons

17:00 - Random acts of kindness


About Stacey DuFord and Lynn Montemayor :

Stacey_DuFord_395803024.jpgStacey DuFord is an author and media personality. She has dispensed her opinions and insights on morning radio in Metro Detroit for two decades and as an advice columnist on a nationwide website for teen girls. She has nearly raised two children into adulthood and has been married (to the same man) for over 25 years. She loves a good Girls Night and prefers Sauvignon Blanc over Chardonnay.

Lynn_Montemayor_874768324.jpgLynn Montemayor is a media marketing tour de force, but her real skill is her ability to make you laugh, at her and yourself, before you even realize it. She utilizes this skill as the creative force behind FortySixFive, and to get her teenage daughter out of bed (she also has a son in college but he's on his own). She has been married for over 20 years (to the same man. But not the same man that Stacey is married to).