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Do you ever make stuff up about what is happening in your life and assume it is the truth? Do you ever make stuff up about what is said to you? How about the actions someone else takes that may or may not involve you, do you make stuff up about the intentions behind the actions? What about the thoughts in your head; do you make stuff up and create beliefs about those thoughts?

We all make stuff up and it is not until we open awareness of this practice in our daily lives that we can see beyond the fabrications in our mind and seek truth. Join us on this episode of Life’s tool Box as we take a look at how we make stuff up, what it does to us and how we can transform this practice into one that serves highest good for ourselves and the people and situations in our life.

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About Kenny Brixey:

Sparked by some life changing events in the early 1990's, Kenny Brixey began a journey to find life meaning, centeredness, purpose; his essence. Through several empowering seminars and workshops and some enlightening books, classes and teachers Kenny's life purpose of teaching, mentoring and coaching others to discover their own essence was awakened and continues to elevate and expand.

In 1997 Kenny created a team development company where he began creating and facilitating powerful paradigm shifting team events infused with authentic personal growth experiences. In 2009 individual and group coaching programs were added to meet the unique needs of each individual client.

Kenny calls upon more than 20 years of assisting others to see their truth, authenticity and essence, his own life experiences, classes and study to develop widely sought after personal and professional programs offering authentic growth experiences for each participant. He creates and facilitates personal growth seminars and workshops assisting individuals in discovering their own unique strengths, talents and gifts.

Kenny owns Unlimited Reality, LLC; a team development and coaching company. He is the spiritual director for Divine Connection - Center for Spiritual Awareness - in Van Alstyne, Texas. Kenny is the creator and host of "Life's Tool Box"; a talk radio show which airs Mondays on Empower Radio where he introduces and discusses tools that will assist his listeners in living an empowered and authentic life. He also continues his work as an author and experiential speaker.

In all his work, there is one overarching focus. Kenny works with each person to awaken, elevate and expand their own unique and beautiful truth; their essence.