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Something's Gotta Give

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Something's Gotta Give

While feeling stuck in life is natural, it is part of the human experience. It is a matter of the heart and can be challenging - staying stuck in the same old same old, is a choice. Discover some very simple things you can do to get unstuck and easily create momentum in any area of your life.

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On today's episode:

:35 - What it means to feel "stuck"

6:10 - The power of our thoughts

12:05 - Dealing with negative thoughts and finding balance

16:50 - Giving yourself permission to feel

21:00 - Taking back control of your life

29:30 - The creators of our reality

36:30 - Changing your point of view

41:45 - Healing, letting go, and raising your consciousness

47:30 - Engaging with your spirituality

 51:55 - The importance of writing and having fun


About Bonnie Wirth:

Bonnie Wirth, B. Msc., bestselling author and inspirational speaker is PURE~ly Authentic.
Often referred to as the "Ultimate Soul Coach" Bonnie Wirth is capturing hearts, minds and igniting the souls of people who are ready embrace their truth and life with authenticity, passion and appreciation.
Having lived through and overcome a multitude of unimaginable experiences, she now directs her focus to empowering others to do the same. Dynamic seminars, speaking engagements, workshops and one-on-one sessions Bonnie shares her powerful messages of self-love, possibility, and Soul-inspired action.

Accurate, intuitive Soul guided wisdom, insight and healing; she illuminates hope and equips you to release your old story, tap into your full potential and thrive to the rhythmic beat of your own heart! AND did we mention, she does this with a whole lot of love, compassion and a great sense of humor too!!!

For more information about what is available to you in working with Bonnie, please visit her website