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Healing Trauma Through Trust with Sarah Jane Farrell

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Healing Trauma Through Trust with Sarah Jane Farrell

How do we lovingly handle an animal who has been traumatized? (Or ANYONE who has had trauma in their lives, which is all of us.) Charly Kayle learns about "The Trust Process" from Sara-Jane Farrell, known as "The Trust Doctor", a medical intuitive, love warrior and animal communicator. She outlines ways to patiently and peacefully bring an animal out of his shell, so they learn to trust again and live happily, not fearfully, in the moment.

On This Episode:

3:10 - How do we help animals trust?

5:00 - Treat animals with mindful regard

7:00 - Building trust over time

8:30 - Children and animals

10:15 - No such thing as a bad animal

12:45 - Generating positive energy

14:00 - Stillness, kindness, and compassion are key

18:00 - We're all wired for connection

23:00 Speak in the present

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Sarah_Jane_Farrell_317657345.jpgSarah-Jane Farrell is an Integrative Functional Medicine Practitioner, D.H.Sc, TCM, ND, phDMET, at, currently living in the Johannesburg Area of South Africa. Known as "The Trust Doctor", she is a love warrior, medical intuitive and animal communicator. Her medicine is part intuitive wisdom, part psychotherapy, with a solid background in alternative healing modalities, Traditional Chinese Medicine, pragmatic equine psychology, science-based nutrition, and body-mind medicine. She empowers self aware, highly sensitive people and animals to move through trauma and learn to trust, so they can go from stressed, anxious and depressed to calm clear and fully expressed.


About Charly Kayle:

A self-professed #crazycatlady and dedicated dog lover, Charly loves ALL animals and living creatures. After decades of hosting top-rated morning shows across the country, Charly was pulled onto the healing path as a Reiki practitioner for both animals and people, in-person and long-distance.

She lives by the ocean in San Francisco with her two dogs & three cats, who help her run Charly Kayle Reiki: Healing Energy For People & Paws. She also serves as Events Manager at Vin Debut, a wine bar in the West Portal area of San Francisco. She believes animals & wine combine the best of both worlds! And shouldn't we manifest the best?