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Playing In the Quantum Field With Animals with Allecia Evans

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Playing In the Quantum Field With Animals with Allecia Evans

How can animals heal themselves AND their human companions? Many dis-eases are energy imbalances that have formed in the body before the physical symptoms manifest. Allecia Evans, the Animal Heeler, is able to communicate with animals on a soul level to address the root cause of why a symptom showed up, then energetically restore an animal’s health at a much deeper level. This in turn often heals their human as well! Find out the astonishing progress in Charly Kayle's own animals, thanks to distant energy healings from Allecia. Also learn why the wrong collar or harness could be the root cause of your dog's behavior or health issues, by jerking his body out of alignment, and worse. Allecia's humane harness system, Walk-In-Sync, solves the pulling problem. 

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On today's episode:

Could your dog's collar be causing health issues? 2:30

Walk in Sync 7:20

Quantum field healing 9:05

Your brain vs. your gut 12:30

Rethinking what is possible 15:25

Proof is seeing it work 18:45

A blind horse 23:20

Allecia_evans_2_103332204.jpgAllecia Evans, known as the "Animal Heeler", is a highly sought-after Energy Medicine Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Holistic Dog Trainer, Qi Gong Practitioner and Soul Relationship Expert, with over 24 years of professional experience transforming animal behavior and health issues naturally.  She is an award-winning TV & radio host, author, columnist, and is featured in the new book, “Soul Dog: A Journey Into the Spiritual Lives of Animals” by Elena Mannes, as well as in “Listening To the Horse” docuseries. 

Allecia is also the creator & inventor of the Walk-In-Sync Dog Walking System, a humane harness that keeps your dog's neck and body in alignment . Her passion is helping animals heal themselves and their humans, while spreading the Universal message of respect and reverence for all life. She can be found at



About Charly Kayle:

A self-professed #crazycatlady and dedicated dog lover, Charly loves ALL animals and living creatures. After decades of hosting top-rated morning shows across the country, Charly was pulled onto the healing path as a Reiki practitioner for both animals and people, in-person and long-distance.

She lives by the ocean in San Francisco with her two dogs & three cats, who help her run Charly Kayle Reiki: Healing Energy For People & Paws. She also serves as Events Manager at Vin Debut, a wine bar in the West Portal area of San Francisco. She believes animals & wine combine the best of both worlds! And shouldn't we manifest the best?