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Deep Dive Into Past Shows, Round 5 with Charly Kayle

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Deep Dive Into Past Shows, Round 5 with Charly Kayle

Round 5 of highlights of past shows #17 through #21, such as how to inspire youth to advocate for animals, how a dog became a social media influencer, dealing with the death of a beloved pet, gaining the trust of traumatized animals, and rescuing backyard chickens. 


Show 17  Inspiring Animal Advocacy In Young Adults with Christopher Locke 

Show 18  Life Lessons From 'One Up Max' the Canine Social Media Influencer w/ Lisa Schawver

Show 19  Navigating the Rainbow Bridge with Marla Steele 

Show 20  Advice Round Up From My Guests, Part 2, and 

Show 21  What You Never Knew About Chickens From the Chicken Rescuer, Lori Woods

Then, Charly and her producer Remy talk about how they are helping shelter animals get adopted!

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About Charly Kayle:

A self-professed #crazycatlady and dedicated dog lover, Charly loves ALL animals and living creatures. After decades of hosting top-rated morning shows across the country, Charly was pulled onto the healing path as a Reiki practitioner for both animals and people, in-person and long-distance.

She lives by the ocean in San Francisco with her two dogs & three cats, who help her run Charly Kayle Reiki: Healing Energy For People & Paws. She also serves as Events Manager at Vin Debut, a wine bar in the West Portal area of San Francisco. She believes animals & wine combine the best of both worlds! And shouldn't we manifest the best?