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Loving to the End with Dr. Lynn Robinson

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Loving to the End with Dr. Lynn Robinson

Does love exist after death? Join Dr. Lynn Robinson as we explore a series of love stories that are also the stories of someone’s passing. Dr. Robinson offers both touchingly personal and well-researched accounts of death-bed visions, after-death communication, near-death experiences, and other unexpected occurrences that show that love does continue after we die.


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Lynn Robinson is an Author, Speaker and Intuitive Advisor who helps people make changes and achieve their goals both personally and professionally by following their intuition.


About Lisa Campion:

Lisa Campion is a psychic and energy healer with 30 years experience. Lisa incorporates body centered counseling into her psychic readings and is also adept in many kinds of healing techniques, including Reiki and Full Spectrum Healing. Lisa's specialty is working with emerging psychic, empaths and healers so that they can fully step into their life's purpose since she passionately believes that the world needs all the healers that it can get.

Lisa has been teaching Reiki for 18 years and has trained hundreds of Reiki students. She also teaches psychic development classes of all levels. Lisa is the Dean of Students and a lead teacher at the Rhys Thomas Institute, which is a world famous energy medicine school and a powerful personal transformation program.

Lisa enjoys writing her own blog, in which she frequently cracks herself up and delights in sharing that with others. She is also the author of the upcoming book, "Reiki For Psychics and Empaths."