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EVPs Beyond the Ghost Hunt with Cindy Heinen

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EVPs Beyond the "Ghost Hunt" with Cindy Heinen

Paranormal researcher and investigator Cindy Heinen has captured EVPs that go beyond standard "ghost hunt" fare. Voices have been recorded of historical figures, passed loved ones, non-human entities and even spirit groups that work as a team with living researchers to develop the "bridge" needed to transmit these sort of responses. We will discuss who these researchers are, who are they communicating with, the messages and what it appears is needed to develop this bridge for communication.

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Cindy_Heinen_388198350.jpgWhile reading the foreword for the book True Hauntings: Spirits with a Purpose by Hazel Denning Cindy came across a curious paragraph about a scholar named Konstantin Raudive who had recorded the voices of the dead using a reel to reel tape recorder. She found this idea fascinating, and 18 years later she continues to research the intriguing world of Electronic Voice Phenomena. Cindy has been co-author on several research papers on different aspects of EVP; the project manager of the Association TransCommunication sponsored research project "Information Gathering Using EVPmaker With Allophone: A Yearlong Trial;" and guest author for the EVP chapter in the book, Investigating the Haunted: Ghost Hunting Taken to the Next Level. Cindy is co-director of the paranormal investigator group, the Society for Anomalous Studies. Professionally Cindy is a massage therapist and bodyworker who works with hospice patients. Find out more about Cindy and her work at


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