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Exploring Pet Chakras with Denise Mange

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Exploring Pet Chakras with Denise Mange

Did you know that a dog's on-leash reactivity can indicate an imbalance in the first chakra for pets and humans, or that nipping could be an invitation to revisit the third chakra? Learn how working with chakras can help shift your animal companion's behavior, and how your pet's behaviors can provide clues to bigger energetic patterns in your life. Explore how true partnerships, heart-centered connections, and translating beyond your pets' behaviors can help you and your animal companion heal, expand, and grow spiritually.

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DeniseMange_816318604.jpgCertified Dog Trainer, Pet Intuitive, Pet Numerologist & Founder of Pet Prana Denise Mange left a successful advertising career to pursue her soul's purpose, which she found working with dogs.

Looking for ways to foster deeper connections between pups and their humans, Denise studied with some of the top animal communicators and intuitives in the field, and eventually developed a unique brand of mindful dog training to help pet parents forge a loving partnership with their pups through the lens of mind, body, and energetic connection.

Denise's proprietary process Translating Beyond Behavior(SM) provides a roadmap to how your pet's behaviors can give you specific insight into the healing that is ready to take place, including limiting beliefs to process and which chakras they affect. Denise's integrative approach helps foster true partnerships and heart-centered connections that deepen the compassion and understanding of the lessons your animal companions are here to share with you, using methods such as chakra work, animal communication, and pet numerology in conjunction with the fundamentals of traditional obedience training.

Denise believes that energy connects us all, and whether in the context of traditional dog obedience training or communicating with your animal companion, energy matters. The most basic and primal way to communicate with each other, and especially with our pets, is energetically, but somewhere along the way it seems to have been forgotten as a basic building block of dog obedience training and living a more connected life with your animal companion. Denise is here to change that, and forge a new path forward in pet guardianship.

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Karen Hager helps people lift the fog of confusion and regain clarity about their life purpose. She connects with Source to provide compassionate, no-nonsense intuitive advice for people in transition. Reading from the energy of the human voice, Karen quickly gets to the root of your question and helps you see the possibilities for transformation.

Passionate about helping others connect with their natural intuitive abilities, Karen leads intuitive development classes and works with selected healers and teachers to empower people to listen to their own inner guidance. She’s the host of the popular weekly radio show Out of the Fog on Empower Radio.

These are times of great transformation, and many people are struggling with fear of change. Karen encourages listeners to shift their perspectives from fear to love so that they may receive the gifts of living through these unusual times.

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