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Release Stress and Anxiety with David Essel

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Release Stress and Anxiety with David Essel

More than 40 million people in the US are struggling with stress and anxiety. David Essel joins me to talk about how shifting focus, tuning into the present moment, and ending procrastination can be life-changing as we create a more positive life.

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On This Episode:

2:20 - Setting a different parameter

3:00 - Setting goals that are measurable

6:25 - Negativity

8:00 - We become what we do

8:30 - Turning anxiety into positive energy

9:00 - Living in the moment

10:00 - Anxiety is based in procrastination

11:00 - Emotions we don't want to face

13:00 - Getting to the core of your procrastination

13:45 - The conscious vs subconscious mind

14:00 - Submerged emotions

15:40 - Creating a depressed identity

16:35 - The first step

17:00 - Utilizing your willpower

19:00 - Accountability partner

20:00 - Everyone faces challenges

21:00 - Anyone can succeed

DavidEssel_553979737.jpgDavid Essel, M. S., is a number best-selling author, counselor, master life coach, international speaker and radio host whose mission is to positively affect 2 million people or more every day, in every area of life, regardless of their current circumstances. Jenny McCarthy says, “David Essel is the new leader of the positive thinking movement.” His work is also highly endorsed by the late Wayne Dyer, “Chicken Soup for the Soul” author Mark Victor Hansen, as well as many others from around the world. He is verified through Psychology Today as one of the top Counselors and Life Coaches in the USA, and is a “Verified Relationship Expert”. David’s new book is Focus: Drop the Law of Attraction, Slay Your Goals. Find our more about David and his work at


About :

Karen Hager helps people lift the fog of confusion and regain clarity about their life purpose. She connects with Source to provide compassionate, no-nonsense intuitive advice for people in transition. Reading from the energy of the human voice, Karen quickly gets to the root of your question and helps you see the possibilities for transformation.

Passionate about helping others connect with their natural intuitive abilities, Karen leads intuitive development classes and works with selected healers and teachers to empower people to listen to their own inner guidance. She’s the host of the popular weekly radio show Out of the Fog on Empower Radio.

These are times of great transformation, and many people are struggling with fear of change. Karen encourages listeners to shift their perspectives from fear to love so that they may receive the gifts of living through these unusual times.

You can find out more about Karen and her work at