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Living Your Purpose Abundantly with Jennifer Noel Taylor

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Living Your Purpose Abundantly with Jennifer Noel Taylor

Do you hold the belief that to be “spiritual” you must also be broke? Jennifer Noel Taylor thought so, until a shocking realization changed her perspective on the law of attraction. She’ll share tools to help us create genuine prosperity while honoring our calling in life.

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JenniferNoelTaylor_290392960.pngJennifer Noel Taylor is an energy healing practitioner, self-help motivator, and author of “Spiritual But Broke: How to Stop Struggling with Money and Live Your Purpose.” As CEO of Quantum-Touch, Jennifer promotes optimal wellness by helping people connect more deeply to their love. Her business practices include spiritually rewarding jobs, loving service to the world, environmental responsibility, and financial abundance. Quantum-Touch has grown from a regional U.S company to a Multinational corporation. Find out more about Jennifer and her work at


About :

Karen Hager helps people lift the fog of confusion and regain clarity about their life purpose. She connects with Source to provide compassionate, no-nonsense intuitive advice for people in transition. Reading from the energy of the human voice, Karen quickly gets to the root of your question and helps you see the possibilities for transformation.

Passionate about helping others connect with their natural intuitive abilities, Karen leads intuitive development classes and works with selected healers and teachers to empower people to listen to their own inner guidance. She’s the host of the popular weekly radio show Out of the Fog on Empower Radio.

These are times of great transformation, and many people are struggling with fear of change. Karen encourages listeners to shift their perspectives from fear to love so that they may receive the gifts of living through these unusual times.

You can find out more about Karen and her work at