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The Heart Reconnection Guidebook with Lee McCormick

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The Heart Reconnection Guidebook with Lee McCormick

We have all felt a bit of struggling in our lives: lost, anxious, heartbreak, alone, not good enough, not smart enough, maybe even addictions. Best selling author, psychologist, and founder of The Ranch Recovery Center and Integrative Life Center in Tennessee, Lee McCormick joins Teri on Soulful Living today offering up a spark of hope and a way to more joy by loving yourself back to wholeness through the Heart Reconnection Guidebook.

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On This Episode:

5:00 - Challenge the old ways of thinking

7:40 - Something missing from the recovery process

9:00 - Programmed by culture

12:00 - Taking responsibility for yourself

13:00 - Saying yes to the opportunity to change and grow

16:00 - A daunting process

18:30 - So much of life is circular

lee_mccormick_770277323.pngLee McCormick is the founder of the Ranch Recovery Center in Nunnelly, Tennessee, and The Canyon Treatment Center in Malibu, California. He is also cofounder of Nashville’s Integrative Life Center and IOP/PHP Community Recovery program in Nashville, Tennessee.

Through the organization of Spirit Recovery, Inc., McCormick facilitates the production of healing and recovery conferences and spiritual journeys around the world.

He is the executive producer of the documentary Dreaming Heaven, in which he plays a leading role. He is the author of The Spirit Recovery Meditation Journal: Meditations for Reclaiming Your Authenticity and coauthor of Dreaming Heaven: The Beginning is Near! 


About Teri Williams:

Teri Williams has spent years in PR, Marketing, Social Media and Web Design consulting with small businesses on how to expand with their online presence.   Some clients describe her as a “Shaman for business”.  She also works as a Reiki Master and Shamanic Practitioner assisting others release and shift that which no longer serves their highest good. Her clients say she is an extremely talented practitioner, professional, caring and gifted.  She describes her work as Soul-cial Media and Soul-cial Living.  Her high energy is contagious - catch it today.