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The Healing Is Mutual: Marriage Empowerment Tools

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The Healing Is Mutual: Marriage Empowerment Tools

Your marriage may be great or it may be awful. Or it’s really okay – but you want to make it even better. You can finally have a HAPPY MARRIAGE no matter how on the rocks it is now. Dr. Deb’s process: The Healing is Mutual, offers tools to rebuilds trust and respect – together!

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Dr. Deb's PhD is Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT), a specialized field that has the capability of psychology and counseling to understand individuals while also being able to understand the relationships between all of the people in a family. Being an MFT is kind of like being a juggler. First you handle one ball, and then you add another, then another. Each one counts; you can’t drop any of them, and you have to know how they all go together. MFT is a non-judgmental, non-blaming approach to solving couple and family problems. When you've got so many balls, going, it makes no sense to point a finger at only one of them because the problem is in how they relate to each other. MFTs don’t think in terms of diagnoses. They don’t ask themselves, “What’s wrong with this person?” Dr. Deb's thought is, "What's right with this person? What are his strengths? How has she overcome challenges?" and the answers to those questions become her tools to help you.



About Teri Williams:

Teri Williams, A.K.A. The Bliss Lady, has been living her bliss since they day she was born.  Like YOU, she's had her share of ups and downs, she's simply found a way to turn those moments around and find the spark to keep her connected to her own joy.  Her first passion is her family.  She is wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and includes her friends as part of that circle.

Her work includes:  Author, Publisher, Radio Co-Host, TV Producer, Ordained Minister, Energy Healer, Small Business Owner, Blogger, Connector and Thought Motivator.  She shares her passion by empowering others to live the life of their dreams.  Teri believes that what we are and what we do begins with love, self love.  "We cannot fully love anyone or anything if we don't love ourselves first."  Her books, The Blisstory Journal, The Sisstory Journal, and co-authored book, Girlavanting, The Girls Guide to Balance, Bliss and Fun!" are all celebrations of life, with engaging, entertaining and sometimes enlightening questions, actions and activities to revel in.

As a  humanitarian, Teri is dedicated to serving humanity through charitable efforts whenever she can.  She is especially drawn to charities that help those in unsavory or unsafe circumstances, overcome their harmful conditions or surroundings, through empowerment and enrichment programs in education, self-care and more.

For over 20 years Teri has followed the teachings of many masters and inspiring leaders, including Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Mother Teresa and The Dalai Lama.  She adds that Oprah and Steven Covey have had a tremendous impact on her life.  Oprah gives us all hope that we can "become anything" and Steven Covey teaches with an abundance mindset, "There are enough resources and success to share with everyone!"

 Today Teri is following the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh through the Detroit Lotus Sanga and is pursuing a course in Intuitive Empowerment and Shamanic Wisdom with Lori Lipten.  "Through meditation and mindfulness each and every one of us can connect with our own inner peace, creating an environment of compassion, acceptance, abundance, love - bliss."

Tune in to Empower Radio as Teri Welcomes YOU to Blissville by sharing resources, stories and people on the road to bliss!  Her high energy and upbeat personality are contagious; catch it today!