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Creating Change with Doug Foresta

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Creating Change is a show dedicated to exploring the power of "voice" in creating positive social change. Each episode features tips for overcoming inner blocks to sharing your voice fully with the world, as well as tips and ideas for using digital storytelling to have a greater social impact.

Doug Foresta combines his backgrounds as a playwright, therapist and podcast producer and host to help individuals and organizations amplify their voice and create change. He has trained hundreds of coaches, speakers and authors to find and share their voice through podcasting, webinars, books and live speaking.


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Social Media Lessons From Couples Counseling - Part Two
Posted in: Creating Change on June 26, 2017

In the second part of this series, Doug shares the model of the "Sound Relationship House" from Dr. John Gottman and how it can be applied towards building an online audience. Discover how to create a positive and influential relationship with your…

Social Media Lessons From Couples Counseling - Part One
Posted in: Creating Change on June 19, 2017

In the first part of this two part series, Doug shares tips for communicating effectively via social media and online from his experience as a therapist working with couples. Discover the 4 things you should never do online and how to manage…

How to Share Your Unforgettable Story With Nikki Groom
Posted in: Creating Change on June 5, 2017

In this episode, content marketing expert Nikki Groom shares her own story of overcoming being painfully shy and sharing her voice, and discusses tips for how you can share your unforgettable story and build your brand. Discover how to stop playing…

When You Should and Shouldn't Self-Disclose
Posted in: Creating Change on May 22, 2017

Self-disclosure and vulnerability can be an important part of your brand as an author, speaker, coach or entrepreneur, but there are times when disclosing too much can hurt your brand. In this episode Doug shares tips for when you should and…

How to Find Your True Self
Posted in: Creating Change on May 15, 2017

In order to be a thought leader, we need to be able to find and share our true self. In this episode, Doug shares tips for connecting to your deepest, truest self and shares examples from his own life. Learn how to find the unique takeaways and…

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