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Creating Change with Doug Foresta

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Creating Change is a show dedicated to exploring the power of "voice" in creating positive social change. Each episode features tips for overcoming inner blocks to sharing your voice fully with the world, as well as tips and ideas for using digital storytelling to have a greater social impact.

Doug Foresta combines his backgrounds as a playwright, therapist and podcast producer and host to help individuals and organizations amplify their voice and create change. He has trained hundreds of coaches, speakers and authors to find and share their voice through podcasting, webinars, books and live speaking.


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How to Access Your Inner Guidance
Posted in: Creating Change on August 14, 2017

In this episode Doug shares practical tips for accessing your own inner guidance system to help you figure out what is true for you and what you most need to say or do at any given time. Discover how to combine the wisdom of your head and heart and…

The Introvert's Advantage
Posted in: Creating Change on August 7, 2017

This week, Doug explains why introverts can have an advantage over extroverts when it comes to getting their message out in the world. Discover what extroverts can learn from introverts, and how introverts can leverage their strengths to create an…

How to Get Heard Above the Noise
Posted in: Creating Change on July 24, 2017

In this episode Doug shares some principles for getting your message out in the world in a big way. Discover how to create a bond and connection with your followers, and why that connection is key to being "heard above the noise".

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When To Speak Up and When to Be Silent
Posted in: Creating Change on July 17, 2017

It's obviously important to speak up on behalf of social change, but are there times when it is best to be silent? In this episode Doug shares how to have more impact by staying silent at time, and how to determine whether to speak up or be silent…

How to Stay Positive On Social Media
Posted in: Creating Change on July 10, 2017

Doug shares tips for dealing with negativity and online "trolls" and the things you should never do when dealing with both. Discover principles for staying focused and positive, and how to share your voice and create change even in the midst of…

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