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Out of the Fog with Karen Hager


Out of the Fog with Karen Hager

LIVE: Tuesday 12N ET/9am PT

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Karen Hager's “Out of the Fog” is an hour of spiritual conversation and enlightening guests designed to help spark your spirit and ignite your soul! Karen’s guests include authors, spiritual teachers, lightworkers, intuitives, and more. Her goal? To create a positive, generous space where you can discover something new, be inspired to take action, and step forward with confidence.

Whether she’s interviewing someone well-known or unknown, Karen’s lively curiosity keeps the conversation flowing.  Join the conversation by calling in at 248.809.3475.

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Awaken the Secrets of Your Feminine Cycle with Suzanne Mathis McQueen
Posted in: Out of the Fog on January 27, 2015

Suzanne Mathis McQueen believes that our female cycle is a treasure map that leads to long-forgotten teachings of core female power and wisdom. In her new book, 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks, she teaches readers how to track the energies of their own…

Connecting to Goodness with David Meltzer
Posted in: Out of the Fog on January 20, 2015

Goodness, Source, Love, God – whatever we call it, connecting to the source of positive power in our lives is what propels us forward in balance and leads to lasting success. Legendary sports agent, business executive, and tech guru David Meltzer

Put a Little More Love in the World with Bob Sima
Posted in: Out of the Fog on January 13, 2015

Bob Sima has been called “Eckhart Tolle with a guitar.” He is a Transformational Troubadour, a way-shower, a guide, an awakener, and a musical mystic. Through the medium of melody and message, he leads listeners to an expanded consciousness,…

Fat to Fearless: Ending Emotional Eating with Asher Fox
Posted in: Out of the Fog on January 6, 2015

Asher Fox thought that becoming a personal fitness trainer would give him the tools, motivation and activity to conquer his yo-yo weight gain cycle. Instead, he reached 300 pounds and began to search for a permanent solution. He will share his…

Written in the Stars: Astrology for 2015 with Dr. Michael Lennox
Posted in: Out of the Fog on December 23, 2014

What does astrology have to tell us about 2015, and how can we tap in to this information? Dr. Michael Lennox, dream interpretation and astrological expert, is here to discuss the dynamic year ahead and how you can make the most of it.

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