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Out of the Fog with Karen Hager


Out of the Fog with Karen Hager

LIVE: Tuesday 12N ET/9am PT

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Karen Hager's “Out of the Fog” is an hour of spiritual conversation and enlightening guests designed to help spark your spirit and ignite your soul! Karen’s guests include authors, spiritual teachers, lightworkers, intuitives, and more. Her goal? To create a positive, generous space where you can discover something new, be inspired to take action, and step forward with confidence.

Whether she’s interviewing someone well-known or unknown, Karen’s lively curiosity keeps the conversation flowing.  Join the conversation by calling in at 248.809.3475.

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The Art of Good Habits with Nathalie W. Herrman
Posted in: Out of the Fog on February 2, 2016

What if there was a road map to a happier and more fulfilled life? Nathalie W. Herrman believes that when you change your approach to health, love, presence, and prosperity, you can achieve your goals and maintain them. Tune in to gain wisdom about…

Inside the Book of Mastery with Channeler Paul Selig
Posted in: Out of the Fog on January 26, 2016

Paul Selig's new channeled work, The Book of Mastery, provides a practical prescription for heightening your abilities, aptitudes and sense of personal excellence. This journey of self-development improves not only your life but your ability to…

Living Hope with Lynne Cockrum-Murphy
Posted in: Out of the Fog on January 19, 2016

Getting past family dysfunction, tragedy, and trauma to embrace emotional and spiritual healing might seem like a difficult (or even impossible) task. Lynne Cockrum-Murphy has made that journey. She joins me to tell her empowering story, and share…

Astrology for the New Year with Dr. Michael Lennox
Posted in: Out of the Fog on January 12, 2016

2016 is destined to be a pivotal year, not only for the world but for each of us individually. What does astrology have to tell us about the possibilities...and pitfalls...of 2016, and how can we tap in to this information? Dr. Michael Lennox, dream…

Rekindling Holiday Kindness and Compassion with Vironika Tugaleva
Posted in: Out of the Fog on December 22, 2015

So many of us struggle with our search for love, peace, and for a sense of our own identity. Vironika Tugaleva's spiritual awakening transformed her into a passionate, inspiring, and down-to-earth spiritual teacher. She's here to share her…

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