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Journey to Center with Tammi Baliszewski


Journey to Center with Tammi Baliszewski

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Tammi Baliszewski, Ph.D. is a Holistic Life Counselor and the author of Manifesting Prosperity From The Inside Out and Manifesting Love From the Inside Out. Dr. Tammi is an expert on relationships, prosperity, healing and health, from a psychological as well as spiritual perspective -- it all starts within: by respecting, honoring and loving ourselves, the world loves us back. Tune in for conscious conversation, exciting guests, empowering tools and real-life techniques to expand and your mind, your heart and your world on Journey to Center.

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The Transfiguration of Our World with Gordon Asher Davidson
Posted in: Journey to Center on May 21, 2015

Do you feel like there is a shift happening? If you want to take responsibility, go to higher levels of consciousness, and invite more light into your life, Gordon Asher Davidson tells us how we can take responsibility to make planet Earth a better…

Becoming a Mountain: Himalayan Journeys in Search of the Sacred and the Sublime with Stephen Alter
Posted in: Journey to Center on May 14, 2015

Recovering from drama and trauma can be confusing, and emotionally debilitating. After a home invasion and attack that almost left author Stephen Alter and his wife for dead, Stephen needed to heal. After recovering physically, he headed into the…

MoneyLove! with Jerry Gillies
Posted in: Journey to Center on May 7, 2015

Is your relationship with money stressful? Or loving and prosperous? And would you like more money in your life? Prosperity expert, and author of “MoneyLove”, Jerry Gillies says: “You deserve to be rich, and you can be rich, you can have a life of…

My Needs, Your Needs, Our Needs with Jerry Gillies
Posted in: Journey to Center on April 30, 2015

Are your needs being met in your relationship? Or do you experience power plays and drama?  And how is the subject of MONEY in your relationship?  Jerry Gillies, author of “My Needs, Your Needs, Our Needs” talks about how to keep the lines of…

The Power of Horses to Heal with Tim Hayes
Posted in: Journey to Center on April 23, 2015

Are you or someone you know dealing with emotional pain, PTSD, or the parent of an autistic child? If so, maybe cultivating a relationship with a horse is the healing opportunity you have been waiting for. Equine Expert, Tim Hayes, discusses the…

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