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Journey to Center with Tammi Baliszewski


Journey to Center with Tammi Baliszewski

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Tammi Baliszewski, Ph.D. is a Holistic Life Counselor and the author of Manifesting Prosperity From The Inside Out and Manifesting Love From the Inside Out. Dr. Tammi is an expert on relationships, prosperity, healing and health, from a psychological as well as spiritual perspective -- it all starts within: by respecting, honoring and loving ourselves, the world loves us back. Tune in for conscious conversation, exciting guests, empowering tools and real-life techniques to expand and your mind, your heart and your world on Journey to Center.

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The Evolutionary Testament of Co-Creation with Barbara Marx Hubbard
Posted in: Journey to Center on January 14, 2016

Would you like to have a deeper understanding of the bible from a modern and mystical perspective?  Would you like to step more fully into your personal power and divine purpose? Barbara Marx Hubbard, who has been called “the voice for conscious…

The Seven Commandments for Happiness and Prosperity with Shari Brown
Posted in: Journey to Center on May 26, 2016

When you get to the core teachings of three major religions of the world, Christianity, Muslim and Judaism, Shari Brown, says they are more alike than they are unalike! Shari has researched and found the keys to achieving happiness. She says there…

Being Who You Were Created To Be with Lynetta Willis
Posted in: Journey to Center on May 19, 2016

In a world filled with pressures to be who others want us to be, how do we stay in touch with who we were created to be? Dr. Tammi and Dr. Lynyetta share ideas about opening to our soul and living as our authentically empowered self. They also…

My Forgotten Self with Lynyetta Willis
Posted in: Journey to Center on May 12, 2016

What did you grow up hearing about who you were, and what you could, or could not do? Children who are encouraged to believe in themselves have greater confidence and are more able to create happy and successful lives. So, whether you have children…

Looking for God in all the Wrong Places with Sister Judy Bisignano
Posted in: Journey to Center on May 5, 2016

Do you know you are a born from original blessing and from unfathomable love?  Are you ready to trade your fear for faith, and exchange your guilt for grace? Sister Judy Bisignano reveals what she has learned from being a nun, and shares the soul…

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