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Life’s Tool Box with Kenny Brixey teaches tools that can be used in everyday life enabling you to live a more conscious, empowered and authentic life. Each week Kenny and his guests will chat about a new tool, how it can positively impact your life and how you can use it right now to assist you as you move towards your dreams. Life does not have to be so hard. It can be easier and more effortless when you have a toolbox full of tools that work for you. Join us on Mondays at 1:30 eastern and pick up a tool or two that will help you manifest your dreams, and more.

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Transform Your World
Posted in: Life's Tool Box on April 17, 2017

It is time for transformation. We can stand up and transform this world into the loving and peaceful home it is capable of being. We have the ability and responsibility to be the catalyst of change right now. 

The good news is that we begin by…

Be Happy
Posted in: Life's Tool Box on April 10, 2017

This week we return to our Be Happy theme. Our tool is simply “Be Happy” and it truly is simple. Even though it does not seem simple at times, being happy is a choice that we can all make at any time, in any situation. On this show we will chat…

Choose To Be Happy Rather Than Right
Posted in: Life's Tool Box on April 3, 2017

Is it more important to you to be happy or right? These two are not dependent on one another and in many cases the need to be right chases happiness far away. Choosing happiness though shifts your feelings to feelings that all is well; all is right.…

Renew Your Influence
Posted in: Life's Tool Box on March 27, 2017

No matter where you go, what you do, how you feel, you are an influence. You influence your experience of life, you influence your environment and you influence others. Whether it be good, bad or indifferent, you are an influence. The tool for this…

Get Back To Basics
Posted in: Life's Tool Box on March 13, 2017

In this fast-paced world it is easy to rely on the technological progress of the commercial world to take over and carry us along. In doing this, though, we are becoming victims of our own lives. We seek things and people to blame when something…

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