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Lighten Up! with Bonnie Wirth


Lighten Up! with Bonnie Wirth

LIVE: Wednesdays at 3pm ET

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The beautiful spiritual experience of being human! During this inspirational hour of conversation and interviews "Lighten Up" with Bonnie Wirth is sure to enhance and empower you to celebrate life. It's a weekly pick me up to shift perspective and create balance between being spiritual and human.

Through her "it's all good" philosophy, Bonnie shares her expertise supported by her special brand of coaching. Bringing her unique consciousness toolkit, compassion for the human condition and intuitive gifts to her weekly show, you can gather insight into creating your inspired life!

Tune in to develop a healthy relationship with yourself and embrace the gift of freedom to shine bright, beautifully, and authentically you! Totally #WIRTHit

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In Trust with Bonnie Wirth
Posted in: Lighten Up on March 22, 2017

We can sometimes have trouble making big decisions for ourselves even when Spirit is nudging us along. We receive guidance from Angels and guides and yet, we still seek answers and look to the opinion of others. We make lists of the pros verses cons…

The Trap with Bonnie Wirth
Posted in: Lighten Up on March 8, 2017

The more we learn theoretically about spirituality without applying it to our everyday lives, the more likely the fall into the spiritual ego trap. Learn how to avoid getting caught so you do not end up avoiding the deeper spiritual work that is…

As it Unfolds with Tina Marie Bertoli
Posted in: Lighten Up on February 22, 2017

A conversation to inspire you to grow in trust with the Universe and all that is unfolding to you so you can bravely step into the light of your new direction!

[Click Here to Listen]

Tina Marie Bertoli, Angel Therapist®, Medium, and Licensed…

Karma Vibe with Bonnie Wirth
Posted in: Lighten Up on February 15, 2017

Karma is one of the oldest spiritual concepts in the world. The Law of Karma is designed in love; to help us grow and reach spiritual maturity. discover some easy ways to resolve ego's wish for suffering that ensures our highest attribute becomes…

Pieces of Peace with Bonnie Wirth
Posted in: Lighten Up on February 8, 2017

In a world where there is much confusion, we may feel stuck and left wondering how peace can even be possible. Learn how to create a feeling of lasting peace in the deepest parts of you; peace which endures regardless of life's challenges or what is…

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