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Lighten Up! with Bonnie Wirth


Lighten Up! with Bonnie Wirth

LIVE: Wednesdays at 3pm ET

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The beautiful spiritual experience of being human! During this inspirational hour of conversation and interviews "Lighten Up" with Bonnie Wirth is sure to enhance and empower you to celebrate life. It's a weekly pick me up to shift perspective and create balance between being spiritual and human.

Through her "it's all good" philosophy, Bonnie shares her expertise supported by her special brand of coaching. Bringing her unique consciousness toolkit, compassion for the human condition and intuitive gifts to her weekly show, you can gather insight into creating your inspired life!

Tune in to develop a healthy relationship with yourself and embrace the gift of freedom to shine bright, beautifully, and authentically you! Totally #WIRTHit

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This Moment
Posted in: Lighten Up on March 14, 2018

We live our daily lives never really aware of how important 'the moment' we are living is for us. It is easy to be distracted by memories of the past and dreams of the future. Bringing to light how the now moment is the most important place to be.…

Spirit Speaks
Posted in: Lighten Up on March 7, 2018

Remember the famous line, “I see dead people”? Well, that’s what it’s like for a Medium - seeing, hearing, and talking with those who have crossed.  A conversation about mediums, myths and connecting to the other side.

[Click Here to…

Sacred Union Rising
Posted in: Lighten Up on February 21, 2018

Universal shifts and changes involve dealing with the unknown which can be frightening and disruptive to every area of our life including how we interact with Spirit and the Divine. Many of the spiritual practices and guiding principles are evolving…

Be Yours
Posted in: Lighten Up on February 14, 2018

The greatest struggle in life is the struggle to accept, embrace and love ourselves. On a holiday for the expression of love and celebration of others, including ourselves in the equation is equally important. Be your own Valentine by discovering…

Victim to Victory
Posted in: Lighten Up on February 7, 2018

Being in a perpetual state of a victim mindset uses up our entire life. It leaves us feeling unhappy, unfulfilled and living with regret. A lot of people slip into thinking of themselves as victims due to their past experiences and believe that have…

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