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Lighten Up! with Bonnie Wirth


Lighten Up! with Bonnie Wirth

LIVE: Wednesdays at 3pm ET

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The beautiful spiritual experience of being human! During this inspirational hour of conversation and interviews "Lighten Up" with Bonnie Wirth is sure to enhance and empower you to celebrate life. It's a weekly pick me up to shift perspective and create balance between being spiritual and human.

Through her "it's all good" philosophy, Bonnie shares her expertise supported by her special brand of coaching. Bringing her unique consciousness toolkit, compassion for the human condition and intuitive gifts to her weekly show, you can gather insight into creating your inspired life!

Tune in to develop a healthy relationship with yourself and embrace the gift of freedom to shine bright, beautifully, and authentically you! Totally #WIRTHit

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Connections in Love
Posted in: Lighten Up on May 17, 2017

Our loved ones in heaven want us to know that they are happy, healthy, and reunited with their dearest family and friends. They want to help us alleviate our suffering and experience our lives to the fullest. - a recap of the resounding messages…

Soul Pace with Bonnie Wirth
Posted in: Lighten Up on May 10, 2017

It's amazing how easily we can get lost in our lives in the midst of learning, exploring, fumbling, feeling, and finding our way. When life gets particularly rough or challenging at times, things can feel heavy and confusing, as if it is too much.…

A State of Nothing with Bonnie Wirth
Posted in: Lighten Up on April 26, 2017

Our society values work, productivity and “doing”. Some people believe that they must be engaged in some type of activity or they are unproductive and lazy. Discover the value of doing nothing as an honoured spiritual practice. Welcome to a state of…

Shape-Shift Body with Bonnie Wirth
Posted in: Lighten Up on April 19, 2017

With every change, more and more Light becomes available to us and as a result our physical body goes through a transformation all of it's own. Discover how to take the journey from the old energy into the new and align your body with these divine…

Heavenly Destination with Bonnie Wirth
Posted in: Lighten Up on April 5, 2017

There are many ideas about Heaven but really, what is Heaven? Learn a few unknown truths about this place we call Heaven.

[Click Here to…

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