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The Butterfly Moment with John Schalter and Carrie Hall


The Butterfly Moment with John Schalter and Carrie Hall

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WHAT IS THE BUTTERFLY MOMENT? It is the classic QUANTUM LEAP in personal growth! As life energies slowly break loose the caterpillar from the cocoon, something truly incredible occurs. The caterpillar suddenly realizes that the darkness and despair it has experienced in the cocoon was no longer its reality. The caterpillar is... a Butterfly! It is one of the most beautiful insects in the world... Best of all it can fly. John Schalter and Carrie Hall bring you guests who will inspire you to break through any obstacles in you life so that you too can live the life of your dreams! Go to:

Listen live 9am ET/6am PT every Tuesday beginning November 10th on Empower Radio! 

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The Way of The Butterfly Warrior
Posted in: The Butterfly Moment on December 12, 2017

John spends time talking about Life Coaching tools and his new book The Way of the Butterfly Warrior. It's purpose and origins as a tool to a better life.

[Click Here to…

Pulse of Detroit with R.J. King
Posted in: The Butterfly Moment on December 5, 2017

John interviews Metro Detroit, writing legend R.J. King, editor of DBusiness magazine and DBusiness Daily News, which are expanding locally, nationally and internationally. Don't miss his take on the expansion of business opportunities in Detroit…

Art and Soul with Melissa Parks
Posted in: The Butterfly Moment on November 28, 2017

John interviews Melissa T. Parks, Founder and CEO of the nonprofit ART & SOUL, an organization dedicated to increase the rate of adoption for children in the Michigan Foster Care and Adoption System. They have generated an exceptional traveling…

The Humble Warrior with Chris Forte
Posted in: The Butterfly Moment on October 31, 2017

John interviews author Chris Forte concerning his new book "The Humble Warrior. Spiritual Tools for Living a Purposeful Life" Chris tells an incredible story of success, failure, and redemption that includes the loss of his marriage, the sale of his…

Miraculous Love with Dylan Lavelle
Posted in: The Butterfly Moment on April 4, 2017

While Carries away on assignment, John has his producer Dylan Lavelle step in from behind the mic to have a freelanced discussion of miraculous love. They go from discussing cellphones and technology, to meditation and finding the moment of…

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