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Going Beyond Medicine with Elaine Grohman


Going Beyond Medicine with Elaine Grohman

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The challenges we face in today's world go far beyond the quick fixes that we have become accustomed to. As a society, we must learn to think differently, govern differently, and educate differently. In so doing we would hold ourselves to a higher standard of accountability. "Going Beyond Medicine," hosted by Elaine M. Grohman, will delve into a myriad of topics, interviewing a wide variety of individuals, nationally and internationally, who are working to make a difference in our world. Together, we can make a change for the better!

Listen live Tuesdays at 1pm ET/10am PT on Empower Radio

elaine_grohman_493123073.jpgElaine M. Grohman has been working in the field of Energy Medicine for nearly 20 years. The experiences of her own Life brought her to delve into the Mystery of our Spirit, Body, Emotions and Mind, and through that search she has sought to help others appreciate their own Life in a greater way. Elaine works with people in the medical fields, as well as having a private practice. She is the author of two books, "The Angels and Me - Experiences of Receiving and Sharing Divine Communication," and "Spirit Awakening - Wisdom for Life and Living." As an Intuitive, Elaine helps others to look beyond the wounds they use to define themselves, so that new and perhaps greater understanding can become known. Through this, we can begin to Heal our World - And Ourselves.

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Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot
Posted in: Going Beyond Medicine on October 10, 2017

Our Earth is in peril, and the consequences of our actions have devastating consequences. Elaine will share an important book, produced by Population Media Center, that shares the challenges that we have created through over population, over…

The Global Empowerment of Women With Nancy Christiano
Posted in: Going Beyond Medicine on October 3, 2017

This week Elaine is joined by Nancy Christiano. Nancy's work as a global philanthropist includes Population Media. Founded by Bill Ryerson, PMC creates long-running dramas for TV, radio and the web. These hit shows have a unique capacity for raising…

The Medicine Wheel of the Spheres of the Body
Posted in: Going Beyond Medicine on September 26, 2017

Many people are aware of the chakra system, but if you are aware of the fact that there is an ancient medicine wheel that explains in greater depth with the peoples of the Americas called the spheres of the body. As human beings we have gifts that…

The Global Brain Health Coalition With Founder and CEO Nicole Fisher
Posted in: Going Beyond Medicine on September 12, 2017

Nicole Fisher is a force to be reckoned with. Nicole runs the Global Brain Health Coalition, a non-profit organization that spotlights concussions and brain health. An astute observer, Nicole Fisher is a human rights and political advisor as well…

Rockwood Leadership Institute With Akaya Windwood
Posted in: Going Beyond Medicine on August 29, 2017

Perhaps more than any other time, we are in need of a new type of leadership. Leadership that embraces differences, fosters collaboration and broadening viewpoints and recognizing that our diversity creates our strengths. The Rockwood Leadership…

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