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The Miracle of Healing with Lisa Campion


The Miracle of Healing with Lisa Campion

LIVE: Tuesday at 2pm ET/11am PT

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Healing is a miracle! Everyday people experience the miracle of healing in so many ways, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Join Lisa Campion as she introduces you to different types of healers, modalities and empowering stories of people's healing journey.

As a psychic, counselor and energy healer who specializes in training healers, Lisa is immersed in the world of healing and delights in bringing that to you. Whether you are a healer yourself, looking to expand your knowledge of healing, or a person on your own healing journey, this show is packed full of wisdom, tidbits on healthier living, understanding the mind/body connection and how to heal our way through the root causes of illness.

Listen Tuesdays at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific on Empower Radio.


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The Power of Positive Energy with Nancy Yearout
Posted in: The Miracle of Healing on August 15, 2017

Join  intuitive and spiritual adviser Nancy Yearout as we talk about the power of prayer and positive energy. When we clear our negative energy we open up to the universal love that is available to us at all times. Nancy has some powerful practices…

Nourishing Ourselves with Nina Manolson
Posted in: The Miracle of Healing on August 1, 2017

Are you at war with your body and your food?  I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out the right way to eat and trying crazy fad diets that over the long run have trashed my metabolism. Have you done this too?  If so, don’t worry, help is…

Reiki with Frans Stiene
Posted in: The Miracle of Healing on July 25, 2017

I love Reiki! It’s a gentle and yet powerful energy healing technique from Japan that is widely gaining acceptance here in the West. Yet Frans Stiene teaches Reiki the old school way, tracing it’s roots back an entire mystical tradition where hands…

Your Personal Mission with Dr. Mark Thurston
Posted in: The Miracle of Healing on July 18, 2017

Finding Your Personal Mission The Edgar Cayce Way.

Edgar Cayce is one of my favorite spiritual leaders ever, and even after all this time, he is still so relevant. Dr. Mark Thurston has worked with the Cayce material for decades and has formulated…

The Priestess Code- Awakening The Modern Woman with Asha Ramakrishna
Posted in: The Miracle of Healing on June 27, 2017

So many people are awakening to the power of the Divine Feminine in our world right now. Join author, mentor and priestess Asha Ramakrishna as we discuss her method for awakening modern women. Asha has been divinely inspired to create steps for this…

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