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Voices of Vision with Jane Asher


Voices of Vision with Jane Asher

Listen: Mondays at 3pm ET/12N PT

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Voices of Vision is a weekly radio show with radio and voice over personality, Jane Asher. She is motivated and inspired daily by discovering the deepest passion in others. So, what exactly is it that excites, motivates and empowers individuals to explore and achieve their full potential? To find answers, Jane searches through her vast network of connections.

Each week she will interview thought provoking influencers, change agents, positive authors, non-profits with a mission of bettering humanity and the humble hero next door who elevates one person at a time. She is curious by nature and a natural bliss broker. Jane loves people and thrives on the opportunity to give a voice to their vision.

Listen Mondays at 3pm Eastern/12N Pacific on Empower Radio

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Choosing Delight With Leyla Day
Posted in: Voices of Vision on October 16, 2017

On this edition of Voices of Vision Jane talks with life coach and author Leyla Day. Leyla has pulled off a modern day miracle. She pulled her two daughters out of school and she and her husband hopped on a plane and unplugged from their day to…

Community Action and Being Mindful With Gail Asher Innis
Posted in: Voices of Vision on October 9, 2017

This week Jane has the extreme pleasure of speaking with one of her life-long mentors, Gail Asher Innis. Gail is not only a mentor but a great friend and Jane's sister. Jane's entire life growing up she watched her sister get involved. Gail…

The Future Is What You Make It With Kipper McGee
Posted in: Voices of Vision on October 2, 2017

Jane interviews one of her former Program Directors this week. Kipper hired Jane in the 90's to do a morning show on legendary San Diego radio station K-BEST. Kipper is one of the radio guys that didn't sit on his hands. He changed with the…

Write It Down With Tom and Jane
Posted in: Voices of Vision on September 25, 2017

Today is Jane's 24th wedding anniversary. She met her husband Tom in winter of 1992. He was sitting on her couch reading Rolling Stone Magazine in the apartment she shared with their mutual best friend, Mark. Previous to meeting Tom, Jane took the…

On the Beach and Rediscovery With Little Tommy Sablan
Posted in: Voices of Vision on August 28, 2017

This week Jane will have a conversation with her friend Little Tommy Sablan. When she asked him to send his bio for the show page, this is what he sent to her: Long time Jeff and Jer producer. First and only producer to be inducted into the…

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