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Voices of Vision with Jane Asher


Voices of Vision with Jane Asher

Listen: Mondays at 3pm ET/12N PT

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Voices of Vision is a weekly radio show with radio and voice over personality, Jane Asher. She is motivated and inspired daily by discovering the deepest passion in others. So, what exactly is it that excites, motivates and empowers individuals to explore and achieve their full potential? To find answers, Jane searches through her vast network of connections.

Each week she will interview thought provoking influencers, change agents, positive authors, non-profits with a mission of bettering humanity and the humble hero next door who elevates one person at a time. She is curious by nature and a natural bliss broker. Jane loves people and thrives on the opportunity to give a voice to their vision.

Listen Mondays at 3pm Eastern/12N Pacific on Empower Radio

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Engaging Through Social Media With Brett Greene
Posted in: Voices of Vision on June 26, 2017

Jane and Brett Greene worked together at I.R.S. records in the early 90's. The day they met she recognized a fellow tribe member and kindred spirit. Brett's ability to connect people and spread compassion and humanity is a sparkling asset. He has…

The Bigger Picture With Dick Kernen
Posted in: Voices of Vision on June 19, 2017

Jane invited her friend and mentor Dick Kernen back on the show to talk about the bigger picture. Dick pays tribute to his friends Linda Lee and Joe Wade Formacola both recently passed away before they could receive the high honor of being…

Breaking Down the Wall of No With John Ferriter
Posted in: Voices of Vision on June 12, 2017

Jane talks with a friend from her radio days in Santa Barbara, John Ferriter. When they first met, John was the front man in a band called the Stingrays. The Stingrays opened up for such notables as REM, the Bangles and Guns & Roses. John now works…

Stand-Up Comedy With Nate Armbruster
Posted in: Voices of Vision on May 29, 2017

Comedian Nate Armbruster joins Jane this week to discuss his career as a stand up comedian and what it was like to start comedy as a kid. Not only is Nate a stand-up comedian, he is also Jane's producer. If you've ever wondered what it's like to be…

Working Toward Global Literacy With Leora Langs
Posted in: Voices of Vision on May 22, 2017

Leora Langs is here to discuss Room to Read, a global organization seeking to transform the lives of millions of children in the developing world by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education. Founded on the belief that World Change…

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