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Voices of Vision with Jane Asher


Voices of Vision with Jane Asher

Listen: Mondays at 3pm ET/12N PT

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Voices of Vision is a weekly radio show with radio and voice over personality, Jane Asher. She is motivated and inspired daily by discovering the deepest passion in others. So, what exactly is it that excites, motivates and empowers individuals to explore and achieve their full potential? To find answers, Jane searches through her vast network of connections.

Each week she will interview thought provoking influencers, change agents, positive authors, non-profits with a mission of bettering humanity and the humble hero next door who elevates one person at a time. She is curious by nature and a natural bliss broker. Jane loves people and thrives on the opportunity to give a voice to their vision.

Listen Mondays at 3pm Eastern/12N Pacific on Empower Radio

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Walk This Way with Ronnie Bachman
Posted in: Voices of Vision on April 9, 2018

Sometimes in life you are fortunate to meet a kindred spirit. Someone you know in the depths of your core being that you're meant to meet. Jane felt exactly like this when she was introduced to Ronnie Bachman. In all the years in broadcasting…

Fun with Dick and Jane
Posted in: Voices of Vision on March 19, 2018

Jane has her mentor and dear friend Dick Kernen back on Voices of Vision. One thing is always clear to Jane when she has her treasured conversations with Dick and that is the depth of his wisdom. Dick Kernen has single handedly guided thousands…

It's #TimesUp and #MeToo Time
Posted in: Voices of Vision on March 12, 2018

Now is the time to address the really big issues facing society. Especially women. On the heels of #MeToo and #TimesUp Jane speaks with two powerful women that have had enough. Harmony Brown and Deirdre Brouer have dedicated their lives to women…

From Soup to Nuts with Alexa Bigwarfe
Posted in: Voices of Vision on March 5, 2018

You know you're speaking with an inspired guest when you have to open up five screens on your computer and your email just to introduce them. Join Jane for a conversation with Alexa Bigwarfe. Alexa took the tragic loss of losing one of her twin…

Giddy-up with Detroit Horsepower
Posted in: Voices of Vision on February 19, 2018

One of Jane's favorite past-times was riding horses when she was a kid growing up in Michigan. Imagine her delight when she was introduced to David Silver. David has taken his passion for horses and turned it into a magical opportunity to help…

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