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The Inspired Daily Grind with Daniel Griggs


The Inspired Daily Grind with Daniel Griggs

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Entrepreneurship is highly praised in the 21st century, but its saturated with false perspectives. Being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle. Just like life itself, it's a a daily grind. Everyday decisions have the ability to lift you up and change your life. Not all decisions will lead you to greatness and some are more difficult to make.

Being an entrepreneur takes focus on responsibilities and handling distractions with swiftness and dedication. I will help you to figure out the next best move to make to take your business from point A to point B. Most people talk about the success they already have.

On The Inspired Daily Grind I will share my inspiration, strategies and knowledge behind the daily grind that it takes to reach success in your business.

Listen Saturdays at 10am Eastern/7am Pacific on Empower Radio.

Daniel_Griggs_545547351.jpgDaniel Griggs is a savvy business guy with an approach that involves creating strategies that focuses on people first, then using digital platforms to connect those people with a solution to their problem. He is the founder and CEO of ATX Web Designs, a web design and digital marketing agency based in Austin, which he grew by 550% plus in one year, and went from a one man team to an agency of 11.

He's a country boy from a small town called Van Vleck, Texas, former professional football player, husband, father, boxer, and entrepreneur. Daniel also frequently blogs on his website - about his journey of both his success and failures that's helped shape him be an entrepreneur. Daniel considers himself an entrepreneur athlete - "I'm willing to grind and put in countless hours for a reward that'll only last a moment, but be remembered for a lifetime."


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17 Questions About Entrepreneurship
Posted in: The Inspired Daily Grind on November 18, 2017

On this episode we get through 3 of the 17 Simple Questions to ask yourself before going into entrepreneurship, as well if you're already an entrepreneur.

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An Entrepreneur's Story with Candace Trinidad
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The Journey of an Entrepreneur
Posted in: The Inspired Daily Grind on November 4, 2017

This episode is highlights exactly what The Inspired Daily Grind is all about: the journey of an entrepreneur. All of our paths to success are different and what we all have to be mindful about is that so many people are battling the same things and…

My Brilliant People with Cassie Pusey and Whitney Nelson
Posted in: The Inspired Daily Grind on October 28, 2017

Cassie and Whitney both came from the corporate world, with no expectations to be future entrepreneurs. They unexpectedly team up to for My Brilliant People which is a program that educates entrepreneurs, corporate individuals, and small business on…

A Sharper You with Kim Pfieffer
Posted in: The Inspired Daily Grind on October 21, 2017

Customer service is still a thing. And because Kim Pfieffer, owner of A Sharper You, puts so much into her clients, it's paid off tremendously. Because of this she's established a referral based marketing machine for her brand. Kim began A Sharper…

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