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Heart Doc VIP: Vegan, Integrative, and Preventive with Dr. Joel Kahn


Heart Doc VIP: Vegan, Integrative, and Preventive with Dr. Joel Kahn

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Dr. Kahn fights for your health every week with his unique brand of eastern and western medicine focusing on wellness of mind, body and spirit. Each month he will interview a Health Hero and how their journey can help you find wellness, discuss with a leader in heart disease how to reverse heart disease, talk to leaders in the food movement for health, and review the science that can take you to a new level. He is known internationally as the heart doctor not afraid to take on the giants and expose lies, follies, and confusion so you know the path to feeling better, looking better, and living better.

Listen live Fridays at 1pm ET/10am PT beginning August 4th on Empower Radio.

DrKahn_BioPic_303004787.jpgDr. Kahn is America's Healthy Heart Doc and Professor of Medicine. He is a summa cum laude graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School. He has been healing hearts for over 30 years. He founded GreenSpace Cafe in Ferndale, Michigan to extend his clinic to your plate. He is director of the Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity focused on early detection and reversal of heart disease. He has authored 5 books and a national public TV show and hundreds of health articles. He is the current reigning Sexiest Vegan Over 50 awarded by PETA and a Health Hero from Crain's Business Detroit. He can be found at


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Benefits of a Keto Diet
Posted in: Heart Doc VIP on May 25, 2018

Whether it is athletes like Lebron James, Hollywood stars like Halle Barry, or some doctor like Joseph Mercola, MD, the ketogenic diet is a hot version of the Atkins Diet. What is it? Is there much science? Is it safe? Is there a safer version?…

Inflammation: The Fire That Burns Your Health
Posted in: Heart Doc VIP on May 18, 2018

Although hard to define, inflammation is the flame that can burn up your health. It contributes to diseases like heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, and arthritis. This episode talks about what it is, how to measure it, acute vs. chronic, new data on…

What Shell We Do About Eggs?
Posted in: Heart Doc VIP on May 11, 2018

In the news this month the headlines are announcing that a high intake of eggs are safe for diabetic patients. This contradicts a decade of research showing risk and harm to type 2 diabetics eating eggs. Is the new data reliable? What about the…

Fertile News on Health
Posted in: Heart Doc VIP on May 4, 2018

Why would a heart doctor report on fertility? Because diet, toxins, stress and cell phones can impact the rates of successful pregnancy AND the health of other organs including the heart. This week a new study from Australia on diet and conception…

News on Alcohol and Health: Hard to Swallow
Posted in: Heart Doc VIP on April 27, 2018

For thousands of years alcoholic beverages have been part of our culture. Even this year, supportive data were published and made headlines. Now a massive study questions if you should go beyond the first drink more than 5-6 times a week. This is an…

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