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Following Your Calling with Kate Yanov

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Following Your Calling with Kate Yanov

Do you work at your regular job and feel unfulfilled? Do you have a dream but set it aside because it’s not practical or realistic? Are you willing to take a chance that you know will make you happy even if it flies in the face of conventional wisdom? Today’s guest, world traveler and entrepreneur, Kate Yanov stepped out of the life she thought she was suppose to live to grab the brass ring of her dreams. Moving to Hawaii because it called to her, eventually leaving a successful career in marketing, Kate turned her desire to travel into a business, actually several businesses. She is an Amazon #1 Best Selling author and an adventurous soul joining us to share how leaving the world of expectations led to a place in life that dreams are made of. 

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KateYanov_248401511.jpegCEO of “ETR - Enjoy The Ride” a consulting firm helping companies grow through targeted business strategies, marketing & promotions. Chief Marketing Officer, Linkapedia, an ad platform for digital publishers to monetize their legacy content. Short term vacation rental host — of 4 Airbnb properties, with real estate investments in Austin, Hawaii and Vietnam.  Author of "5 Templates To Master Short Term Rentals: Tools You Need To Streamline Your Guest Interactions"


About Cheryl Maloney:

Cheryl first started writing a blog in 2009 when she was an out-of-work, out-of-shape, over-fifty corporate executive, collecting unemployment, questioning her own worth, dealing with her husband Jack’s scary health diagnoses and beating herself up for the stupid financial mistakes she had made.

After months of writing daily, she started posting her thoughts on Facebook in March 2009. Believing she was not alone in her challenges … she came to realize was that there are more people dealing with some major issue in their lives than expected. Simple Steps Real Change posts have been viewed over fifty million times.  Now they know that they are not alone either!

Her book, “Simple Steps for Real Life” was released in 2012 along with “Simple Inspirations, a collection of original quotes and images by her late husband, photographer, Jack Maloney.  She is also the author of “Simple Steps… Real Change, the Book” which is available on her website.