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Journey to Center with Tammi Baliszewski

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Tammi Baliszewski, Ph.D. is a Holistic Life Counselor and the author of Manifesting Prosperity From The Inside Out and Manifesting Love From the Inside Out. Dr. Tammi is an expert on relationships, prosperity, healing and health, from a psychological as well as spiritual perspective -- it all starts within: by respecting, honoring and loving ourselves, the world loves us back. Tune in for conscious conversation, exciting guests, empowering tools and real-life techniques to expand and your mind, your heart and your world on Journey to Center.

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Tithing for Prosperity
Posted in: Journey to Center on July 22, 2021

When we are struggling financially life can feel scary. Dr. Tammi talks about a “sure fire way” to create more abundance and opening the space in our lives to attract more money; it is a spiritual law that cannot fail, and the surest way to move our…

My Father Died, Then Told Me He Didn't with Mike Anthony
Posted in: Journey to Center on July 15, 2021

Losing someone we love can usher us into a deep despair and intense grief. This happened to Mike Anthony when he unexpectedly lost his beloved father, but then through mediums, “coincidences” and profound experiences, he was informed, his father…

What if Death is an Illusion with Mike Anthony
Posted in: Journey to Center on July 8, 2021

There is so much joy to experience on this beautiful planet, however, beneath our joy, resides an unavoidable truth, that everyone we love, including ourselves, will die. This can cast a dark shadow on our joy. But what if death is an illusion? Mike…

Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind
Posted in: Journey to Center on July 1, 2021

Did you know that 95% of our lives are manifested from our Subconscious programming? If you do not like what you are living, seeing, and experiencing in your current reality, Dr. Tammi shares insights, tools, and practices, to support you in…

Prosperity and the Ego with Esra B. Ogut
Posted in: Journey to Center on June 24, 2021

Prosperity is a personal journey! If you are ready to embark on this journey,  Ezra Ogut, the author of Money does Grow on Trees shares wisdom, suggestions and comprehensive ideas about how to make friends with this process, understand the role the…

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